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Amazon is often referred to as the giant expert database. The place to go to find an expert to speak on a certain subject. And if you wanna be found on that search engine, well obviously you need to write and publish a book.

But also need a great looking author page. And there are more reasons than just searchability that should motivate you to take the time to make your author page great. Let me explain.  Hey there, I’m Julie the Book Broad.

I’m an Amazon, overall number one best selling author and the founder of a fabulous company called Book Launchers. Our super power is caring more about you and your book than anybody else as we help you write, publish and sell a nonfiction book that will boost your brand and make you money.

Of course, we also help create amazingly beautiful books like this one, this one and this one, and this one (laughs). Oh and fun fact for you, Carol Basile let us know that her book, “Against All Odds”, won the 2019 Parent and Teacher Choice Gold Medal for nonfiction.

So we also help create award-winning books that will build your business. But it’s not just about the book when it comes to book marketing. There are so many pieces that need to be in place to create success.

One of the most under utilized tools for book marketing is the Amazon Author Page. It’s especially important if you have more than one book. But even if you only have one, this is a powerful book marketing tool.

And as a nonfiction author, it’s also an incredible place to showcase yourself as an expert. Check out Carol Sanford’s author page. Carol Sanford’s listing is great. She’s got all of her books listed there.

She’s also got video and she’s kept it up-to-date as she’s launched new material. Now when you’re here, Amazon basically tells you what they want you to do. They say they want you to add and update information about yourself for your Amazon Author Page.

So you update your Author Page by adding multimedia, blog feeds or even events to your page. They also want you to view and edit a list of your books and add a book to your bibliography. So you can add video (chimes) which is an awesome idea and why I highlighted Carol’s page.

I also recommend you upload an unboxing video (chimes). And if you don’t know what that is or how to shoot a great unboxing video, make sure you check out the video on unboxing on this channel. I’ll link to it at the end.

You can also add blog posts or other content relevant to your book. And once your book is available on Amazon, add it there. You can also include books that you’ve co-authored. To do this, you’ll find and Add More Books button to the book details tab to search for books.

You can search for books by title or ISPN. So make sure they’re there and showing up. You’d think it would happen automatically but it doesn’t always. If you have a non-fiction book that you’ve written to showcase your expertise, it would be a great idea to upload a video of you speaking on the subject, a media reel or other content that you own that showcases you as the expert.

Now one little snafu that we’ve run into, so I’ll mention it just in case this happens to you, sometime you’re not able to add content to the Amazon Author Page. This situation has come up when our client created an Amazon ID just for publishing and hadn’t added a credit card.

And Amazon wants that credit card for verification. Amazon support suggested that the verification would happen in other ways over time, but it didn’t. Adding a credit card is the only thing that worked.

This won’t happen if you’re operating off of an existing Amazon ID. But if you create and Amazon ID for your publishing purposes and you haven’t made purchases on Amazon with that ID, then you might encounter this issue.

Once your page is ready to go, here are a few tips for making the most of it. Number one, create a nice, pretty URL so you don’t have to share the ugly one that you automatically get. Amazon Author’s Central gives you the option to customize your URL.

An Author Page URL is an easily shared link to your Amazon Page. So instead of having a bunch of ugly characters in your link, you can create your own. How do you do that? Well, you’re going to go to the Author Central Profile tab, click add link next to the Author Page URL.

A URL will be suggested, but you can create your own so long as it’s not already taken. Me, personally, I would recommend using your name, (laughing) not your book, because this is your Author Page.

Now few guidelines that they provide, you can use letters, numbers, dashes, and underscores, but no spaces and no special characters other than those dashes, periods and underscores. If the URL you input is available, all you have to do is click Save.

And according to their Help page, your Author URL Page will go live in approximately 30 minutes. The second tip is like everything you do with Amazon, now that you have that link, use it. (laughing) Being on Amazon is not enough.

So this is a great URL to use to link to in your email signatures and even putting on social media. Tip three, unlike a bio on a specific book page, your Amazon Author Central bio is all about you as an author in general.

This is your Author Hub. So you need to write text that is marketing focused but also covering the multiple genres or subjects of books you’ve written. And while you can’t format this text with any HTML, I would still include websites, social media, or other relevant links because someone could copy and paste them even though, you aren’t able to hyperlink them.

Number four, I touched on this already but add events. So if you have (chimes) book signing events or speaking engagements, add them to this page and keep it updated. And five, which is my fifth and final tip, keep this page updated with new material.

Set a reminder in your calender for every four to six weeks to put something new on your Author Page so it stays relevant. In other words, don’t do what I did after I launched my book in 2016. I updated my Author Page and then went about building Book Launchers and I haven’t looked at it again until I shot this video.

(instrument whistling) But I have a new book coming out soon and I will be doing a better job of updating that page. I promise. So if you’re watching this video well into 2020, you can check out my Author Page, and if it’s not up-to-date, call me out on this video or on social media.

Sometimes I’m a bit like the house cleaner who always has a messy house. Or the mechanic who’s car is always broken down. (laughing) I spend so much time focused on other author’s books and businesses and I don’t pay attention or as much attention to my own as I should.

(laughing) Amazon Author Central is a great gift from Amazon to authors, okay well, of course it helps them with search engine optimization and selling books. But it’s a great tool for you to use and you should.

So go ahead and get started with your page. Or if you already have one, Create some new content, whether it’s images, video, blog posts, even updates, or other material for your page. Get it on the calendar now to keep it up-to-date.

And if you have not checked out the video on creating a great unboxing video for your book, that is a must for your Author Page. Check that out right here. And if you want some awesome book marketing tips, this video right here is for you.

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