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Hi guys welcome back to my channel today. I want to talk about a topic that is not so much along the lines of writing your book, but more so after the fact, when you are about to publish it or maybe you already have published it, and that topic is how to build your author platform Or how to establish your presence online before we get started? I do want to say that there are multiple ways to build.

Your author platform and/or establish your online presence. However, in this video I want to talk about the things that I’ve done that have worked for me in the hopes that they will work for you or that you will find some aspects of my path helpful.

This video is not going to be a tutorial on how to build a website, how to create a Facebook page or how to start a YouTube channel. What I’m about to talk about is the foundation on top of which you will create all of those other things.

In a sense, I’ll, be talking about the softer or intangible aspects of building your author platform and your presence online. So if you’re looking for a step, one find a website host type video. This isn’t.

It, however, what I’m about to talk about is crucial if you want to build a successful online platform, which is what we all want. Otherwise, why bother so with that said? Let ‘ S begin number. One define your theme now.

We’re, not talking about genres of books or scenes of books, but as someone who is about to establish their presence online, you will need to determine the type of presence you want to have. This is a little challenging to explain.

So let me give you an example: using myself my theme, besides being a young adult author who writes science fiction and fantasy stories, is a writer who’s, trying to live a happy, healthy, well, balanced lifestyle.

A lot of writers tend to put on what I like to call the Hemingway persona where they believe that they need to feel tortured or be in pain or a being when they write in order to produce anything of value.

My theme is the opposite of that. I actually think that we produce our best work when they’re, our best selves, which is living a happy healthy, well-balanced lifestyle, so that’s, my theme and it’s, reflected in my social media posts.

My writing advice. Videos and my personal and day-in-the-life logs, when choosing your themes, just make sure to pick one that is true to who you are make sure it’s authentic, because otherwise I hate break it to you.

But you’ll fail, which leads into step number two, which is to be authentic. If you’re going to establish your presence online, then you need to make sure that the content that you’re putting out there is true to who you are.

There is no sense in trying to copy or imitate what another person out. There is already doing. Why? Because it’s already being done, and it’s, probably being done really well. If there are other people out there who are trying to copy or imitate it here’s, the problem, since it’s, already being done and being done well, there’s, no reason to create a duplicate because you’re constantly going to be trying to live up to what the other person is doing and they’re already miles and miles ahead of you.

So you’re, essentially setting yourself up to fail don’t. Do it instead of try to imitate somebody else, just be true to yourself, dig deep and find what makes you tick? We all have gifts within ourselves that can be shared with the world through our own unique perspective or our own unique lenses.

If you will so don’t cut the world short by trying to be a lesser version of someone else, be a first-rate version of yourself. Do that and you will go far plus people can always spot a fake. So just be yourself.

Number 3 choose your darlings so now that we understand how important it is to pick a theme and to stay true to who you are it’s time for you to pick where you want to be present online between YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, snapchat, tumblr, Instagram Twitter periscope into stories bla bla bla.

It can be really overwhelming to figure out where to start so the first thing you should do is determine where your audience lives in the social media world. Again, I’ll use myself as an example, I write your adult books.

After doing some research, I found that my audience, which are young adults ages, 12 to 25, spend most of their time on YouTube and fat chat, so that’s. Where I decided to be most present now, I’m, also very active on Instagram, because some of my audience does live in that space and I’ve, always loved taking pictures and posting quotes.

So that is more of a feel good for me thing: it’s, just a bonus that some of my audience lives in that space. Everything I post to Instagram is automatically synced to my Twitter and Facebook page accounts because again, even though the audience there is smaller, they’re still there, and I want to pater to them by thinking my accounts, I don’t have To create new content each time I post different platform, I have a Pinterest account, but it’s, mostly for personal use, where I say pretty pictures or quotes because it’s.

Fun and I like it but YouTube and snapchat are my bread and butter. It’s where my audience lives, so that’s where I live. Now, if you’re writing a how-to book for DIY crafts or a cookbook, then Pinterest is going to be essential for you, because what do a lot of people go to Pinterest for DIY craft ideas and recipes? Just do some research and figure out where your audience lives and create your accounts and don’t worry because you can always create other accounts if needed later on.

Number. Four interaction is key. As writers, we tend to be solitary people, but let me tell you that really changes when you decide to build an online platform and publish a book most likely. Whatever content you decide to post, there are going to be people who have opinions on it.

They may have questions once your advice or just want to talk to you for me. Personally, I love interacting with people. I also love helping and inspiring people that’s exactly why I created a YouTube channel, offering writing advice for aspiring authors.

I love receiving emails and messages with well-thought-out questions and helping other people solve their writing and publishing problems. It’s fun for me and interacting as how you’re, going to build that loyalty and Trust they’re able to connect with you on a more personal level and it’s neat to have the Opportunity to meet people on the interwebs that you may never have a chance to meet in person.

So if you’re, someone who loves talking and communicating with other people creating an online presence may not be the right path for you, then again, it seems like if you’re, trying to promote your business or your work nowadays, you Need to have an online presence as a writer and soon-to-be published author, it’s, just something you have to decide whether or not it’s worth it for you.

I think it most definitely is number five be consistent when you start to build your platform and are posting things pretty regularly it’s, important to be consistent, make a schedule as more and more people are drawn to your YouTube channels or Pinterest boards, Or Instagram feeds or Facebook page it’s even more important to be consistent and to post regularly.

When you say you’re going to post new content on Tuesdays and Saturdays, you, better, post, new content on Tuesdays and Saturdays, not posting. When you say you’re going to post is the quickest way to loosen interest potential readers, subscribers followers etc.

People are checking on your platform and following you, because they like the content, you’re, putting out there. If you’re, not consistent with your content and your posting schedule, then people will feel as though they can ‘

T depend on you and they’ll, stop coming to your platform. So keep this in mind. No consistent new content equals less traffic, equals a decreasing author platform and finally, number six thick-skinned and the high road wins anytime.

They’re, going to put yourself out there and be vulnerable. You can expect there’s, going to be a handful of people or more that are going to try to tear you down. These people will criticize you, they will say, mean and hurtful things to you.

They’ll, say mean things just to say mean things, and so my friends, if you’re serious about creating an author platform and building an online presence, consider yourself forewarned. There will be people who send you rude emails.

There will be people who try to harass you. There will be people who try to tear you down and drag you to their levels of insecurity and unhappiness there’s, really no, avoiding it, but where there is darkness there is light.

So, without sounding too cheesy being a light, you’re, going to have to grow some really thick skin. They’re, going to have to learn how to not take things too. Personally, and along with that, you’re, going to have to learn how to not react as mean or as rude or as hurtful as some of the things someone may say to you choose not to respond by responding.

You’re only giving them attention and you’re only going to fall further down the rabbit hole with that person. Just know that you will never change their mind. Their minds are set on what they believe and there’s, no changing it.

So don’t, bother, ignore it and move on. I always like to remind myself that it’s, not my business when it comes to what another person thinks of me. It is absolutely none of my business if they don’t like me, or the content and putting out there and that’s, their problem that has nothing to do with me.

I shouldn’t, do living my own life. Being awesome having fun and being happy, so I just don’t have time for that and you shouldn’t either. So there you have it that’s. My advice to you for building an author platform and creating an online presence if you like the content today, please thumbs up and subscribe to my channel both of my books, the Alpha drive and the order of Omega are able to purchase on Amazon, Barnes & amp, Noble the Book Depository and books-a-million, you can also order signed copies.

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I will see you guys next time, bye,


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