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Hello, everyone – this is Jane Friedman and I’m, a contributing editor here at writer’s, digest welcome to build your author platform of true blogging and today’s session. I’m gonna give you some 101 advice principles and getting started info for starting a blog.

That would be meaningful to growing your career. As an author, I think blogging has been around for quite some time now. I would say roughly oh, maybe eight to ten years and then because it’s, so easy to start a blog.

It’s, it’s free. You find a lot of people out there blogging and trying to get their name out there, but maybe not being as effective as they could be. So I want to focus on effective technique, because that will actually make a difference to you when you’re, looking for a publishing deal and then also – and perhaps most importantly after you get a publishing deal, how a blog can help support a growing Readership and that’s, a quest for career now, some people have proclaimed that the blog is dead.

I don’t believe that or otherwise I wouldn’t be giving this session, but certainly there are many many ways to communicate now, aside from a blog and a blog is really just one piece of a much larger pie of interaction That you might be having with people online and in fact a blog is always always more effective if you can tie it into other things that you’re doing through your social torts and communities, and we ‘

Ll talk more about that. But I’m, primarily thinking of things that you might do on Facebook, Twitter forms or community sites, and you know when you combine all of these different avenues together. It can really give you a powerful base on which to interact with a lot of different people across a lot of different platforms without actually putting more effort into it, and I’ll show you, you know how that’s done at A high level, so let’s get started, and you know, perhaps by pairing up to the section.

You already know why you want a blog, but I think basically, four key reasons for doing it for spending time on it. The first is really about the practice and discipline of keeping a blog, and certainly anyone who’s tried it before knows that the if you’re trying to do it consistently, let’s, say three to five times a Week that it really exercises your creative muscles to come up with content that frequently and to have something interesting to say and to be able to get it out there, you know on a deadline if you’re being very disciplined about it.

So you know if those develop your craft in a very serious way, some people think blogging is not as valuable writing, but I would disagree if you’re. If you’re doing it strategically, at least, if you’re.

Doing it for all their platform building purposes, then you are really ramping up your skills as a writer as a blog each and every day. The second reason the blog has to do with community building with other people in the writing and publishing community.

And if you say things on your blog that are controversial, or you say things that are encouraging or whatever it is that you that you’re doing, you are going to gather a community of people around you who both agree and disagree, and you’re gonna find that as the months go by and yours, if you stick with it that long, you’re gonna be making friends with people who are also blogging and who are regular readers and um, and we’ll talk more about that dynamic, but it’s.

It’s, a really important component of being a blogger that a lot of people don’t realize you’re, not alone blogging, especially in the writing, and publishing community is a pretty significant basis of people and you’ll find there are, you know some like-minded folks and also some, not so like-minded um.

The third reason the blog has to do rich, especially for nonfiction authors, who might be on the session. It has to do with your authority and expertise enhancement. You know it’s showing to the world the information and knowledge and perspective you have on your nonfiction topic and that’s.

You know, I would say for nonfiction authors who are trying to get a book deal having a blog is one of the most first and important about improving that you have a platform and I reach to readership, and then the fourth reason has with overtime they’re going to grow your readership, whether you’re in nonfiction, author or novelist, and you’re simply by putting yourself out there again and again and again and again over time, you’re, going to be more Visible than someone who presented and, of course, if you’ve heard me speak before or if you’ve been reading, my blog, you know that I, this is kind of an issue that I harp on again and again.

This issue of visibility and having having a way for people to notice you and come to understand what you’re about to know your message. So you know I’ve. Put on the slide here at the bottom line. Is that blogging? If it’s done consistently.

If then, strategically can really open up opportunities to you because of that visibility – and you know I don’t care where you’re at in your author career. It’s. Never too soon or too late to have a blog or to use one meaningful.


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