How to Build an Author Platform and Build an Author Social Media Campaign to Sell More Books


Hi I’m Vanessa van petten and i’m the author of the book. You’re grounded, which is a parenting book written from the kids perspective. When I first started, I knew absolutely nothing about publishing or how to even market your books, and on top of that i had self-published you’re grounded.

So i didn’t even have a publishing house behind me to give me tips or to help me. I had read books and blogs and did a whole bunch of informational interviews asking people. How should I salon book? How do i market my book and everyone told me the same three things? The first was, you cannot make money by selling books.

The second one was, if you do not have a publishing house behind you, many organizations or the media will not take you seriously as an expert or a speaker. The third thing was: if you want any media placement at all, you have to have a PR company or marketing forum firm.

Do it for you, and I learned that actually all these are not true. I have made money on my books and on my blog and we have a huge following and I have never worked with a PR firm or a marketing company.

It did take a couple of tries and trying almost everything. There is to find that that right formula that really works – and we have gotten CNN Wall Street Journal, Playboy, Radio People magazine and even placement in the Real Housewives of Orange County, with just on our own, using these tips that we want to share with you.

I would love to share a lot eggs with you and we have a lot of them for free on our website living radically calm. You also could be watching this on radical parenting. Calm both are websites that i sell my book.

I’m. Actually on my third book now – and you can see my story of that on our author central page – we get a ton of requests from readers to do one-on-one consulting or to work with people on getting their book out to restore demographic and because we of the Demand we decided that we should limit it to a few clients.

I really like to work with clients one-on-one personally, so we’re, limiting it to a few different clients, and you’re. Welcome to submit an application requests for us to work with you. Occasionally we have a few openings or we can put you on the waitlist and in the meantime, you’re.

Welcome to look at our youtube channel. We have a ton of free tips for you, as well as articles on our website living radically calm.


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