30+ VIDEO IDEAS for AuthorTube Channels


Hey writers: in a previous video, I gave you a ton of tips about how to grow your author Tube channel and during that video I mentioned that. I also have this master list of video ideas that I reference when picking topics for author.

After that, video, a bunch of you were like, please give me that list so in this video I’m, going to be giving you a 30-plus ideas for videos to do for your author Tube channel, and if you would like that list and more Of a printable version, I’m, going to be giving that list to of my patrons.

So if you’re interested, if you need help with your writing, author platform want critiques or help with your author Tube channel definitely check out my patreon page, which i’ve linked down below, and i’d love to Help you out this topic was also voted for by some of my wonderful patrons.

So thanks guys for voting and without further ado, let’s, get into those tips. Ok, so the first video tips I have here on my list are to create videos that share tips: how to’s tutorials on a bunch of these sub topics.

Ok, you can do videos on plotting on writing on your favorite writing resources. So this can include books, software’s, apps, podcasts, etc. Everybody loves the list, so whenever you can give a list of your favorite things, definitely do that too.

These videos could also be about world building character, development, your experience and tips on writing. Your first draft editing and revising critique partners and beta readers publishing and that can include traditional or self publishing, querying and agents, finding writing community and support and also building author platforms, and that can include social media websites.

Newsletters blogs all these different kind of things, especially if you are just starting out or trying to grow your author Tube channel and you’re struggling. You definitely want to start with these kind of videos first because they are searchable.

Like I talked about in my last video, this means that people are going to be searching questions on these topics, and hopefully your video, if you are optimizing, it correctly, will be popping up as the perfect answer to that question.

I do encourage you guys, however, to stick to these topics that you’ve actually experienced yourself. So if you’re, just plotting. Do a series of videos on up plotting that’s. Okay, you don’t. Have to know everything, but whatever you are learning it, keep a log, keep a list of all of those things that you’re learning all these subcategories within plotting.

There are a ton like. I did a video all about how I created my series Bible, all those different kind of things. People are looking for help with so definitely keep a log of those things and try to figure out how you can create a helpful video for other writers.

So you can connect with them a bonus tip. Is you can also create templates or tip sheets that go with these tutorial or how-to videos, and if you create those and put them on your author website, you can then direct traffic to your website that they get.

This free download, in exchange for signing up to your newsletter and checking out your website, which again connects you to more people and, in turn, can grow your author Tube channel. If you don’t have an author website yet or newsletter or are struggling to improve your own.

I do host an author website bootcamp that includes newsletters and that next round of bootcamp is actually starting. This is June. So if you want to get in on that and check out all the details, I do have a link for that in the description below.

But let’s. Get back into these video ideas. Shall we my next few ideas? Are you could do writers vlogs, so you can do a day in the life which a lot of people really enjoy watching you could do a book or author event that you go to so.

For example, I’ve gone to book con, or I just did an indie book crawl with mandolin, which was really fun. You could also do videos where you share your writing goals, that’s, also really encouraging to other writers and inspires them.

Another idea is doing writer, productivity, hacks book reviews, and this can be on fiction books or writing craft books. You could even do product reviews for writerly products and if you do a product review, you could also ascend that to the owners of that product and just tell them that you’re promoting their product.

These businesses love free promotion and maybe in the future they’d like to sponsor a video of yours. You never know during the seasons of NaNoWriMo prep Tober camp NaNoWriMo. A lot of people are also looking for vlogs or tips for those times of the year, so definitely consider doing again, vlogs or tips videos during those months, some other more unique video ideas I’ve done as well, is to do a video where You share your favorite book or gift ideas for writers or readers.

If you have an author website, you could do an author website tour to show people you’re on their website, which could drive traffic there, but also inspire for how they could do it there on their website, and in that same vein, you could Also do a writing space or writing office tour, and this would be, for the same reasons, people love to see other people’s space and be inspired for their own.

Now. These are all videos you can do anytime by yourself, but one way that I’ve, massively grown my channel over the last year is to actually network with other writers to do collaborations, and so, as you are making friends with other author tubers or Other writers here are some ideas about how you can network how you guys can share each other’s audiences and gain attraction for both of your channels and your platforms.

So one thing you could do is to just do some kind of collaboration where both of you are sharing tips on a specific topic, but your audience needs to go to the other person’s, video after yours to get the rest of those tips.

You can also do interviews so this could be with another author tuber or it could be just with another writer. Maybe they have experiences that you don’t yet have, but you want to give your audience some credible information on that topic, so you can just do a Q & amp A which is really really fun to do.

You could also do these Q & amp A is live, which I’ll talk about more about live streams in a little bit, but if you do them live, then people can interact and ask questions live as well, which can be a lot to Handle and can be a little overwhelming your first time, but once you get the hang of it, it is so fun and gains so much traction for your channel.

Another thing you can create is a writing tag. Where you create a certain number of questions that you answer for yourself on your video like on a specific topic or about your book or something, but then you tag other writers or other author tubers to do it on their channels as well.

Now my tip is to not just create a writing tag yourself and then try to get a bunch of people to do it maybe create a tag with at least one other author keeper, maybe two others and you all can promote this tag.

To really get it off the ground and have a bunch of people interested in doing it too. In the same vein, you could also network, with a couple of other author tubers, to create some kind of challenge.

So an example of this is the save the cat experiment that author bethany Amazon and I are just finishing up and it has been amazing. We’ve done ten episodes, five on her Channel five on mine and it’s, definitely grown our channels, our subscribers, our engagement and given a lot of value to both of our audiences.

Now, for those of you that have a slightly bigger audience, I do have a few ideas for you guys where you maybe have good engagement and a solid base for your audience. But you want to take things to the next level and the best way to do that is to really engage with your audience and get them involved even more.

So here are a few video ideas for that. You could do AQ & amp A this could be about you or about certain topics, and I really love using my other social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter, to put out questions to people and have them submit their questions early, so that I can record a Video answering it or even go live so that’s.

My other idea is to do a live stream chat with your audience and again you can sort of mesh this up with a Q & amp A or just a little chat, but whatever your audience is begging to talk about. If you guys would like to see a video where I talk more about how to host these live, chats, how to manage sort of looking at the chat box and planning what to say and how to make it super engaging.

I do have a video where I shared a bunch of tips already, which I’ll link below and in the cards, but I could definitely do another one that has even more tips. So, just let me know – and I can definitely work on that – if doing a live, Q & amp A makes you a little anxious, but you’d like to try going live in a way that is not as intimidating.

I definitely suggest trying to host a live word sprint and with this I would definitely again do it with one or two other author tubers. So you guys can combine audiences and just get people engaging naturally talking about writing in between your word sprints, but also getting writing done together, which is really fun.

And finally, if you’ve been around a little while you could also sort of celebrate your author Tube channel with your audience by doing a vlog of ursery. So if you’ve been around for six months or a year, however long you want to celebrate, you could just do a again live stream where you are naturally talking to your audience.

So you don’t have to do a ton of pre-planning. You could ask for a few questions ahead of time, but then you just get to celebrate and thank your audience and in that or separate from that you could also do a giveaway.

So people love free stuff. They love answering questions in order to get that free stuff and again it’s, just that much more engagement, so hosting a giveaway, possibly with a vlog bursary or something like that is something I’ve seen.

People do definitely something that I would like to do. Depending on when this video comes out. I’d either just passed, or I’m about to hit my one-year vlog over Surrey and yeah. I might not be able to do something on the day, but I’m, really excited about doing something soon, so definitely keep an eye out for that.

Finally, you guys are probably wondering hey. When do I get to talk about my books? When do I get to talk about my own writing – and I left this till the end because, honestly, if you’re trying to grow your author Tube channel, the best way to do that, as I’ve said in my last video On this topic is to give value, people need to know like and trust you first and to understand that you want to help them, and when you show that, then they want to know more about you.

So after you’ve started growing and you have at this arsenal of awesome videos that are helping people out in some way. In the midst of that, you can then start doing a few videos sort of sprinkled in about your own work.

Your own stories, your own writing. You could do writing tags that sort of focus on your own story. You could slowly introduce your characters or certain things about your world. You could do periodic writing updates.

I love that Kim chances, WIP diaries, for example, and even though that is just about her writing and isn’t super searchable people start to look forward to that because again she’s, doing a series and she’s.

Given it a unique name to it, so people start looking forward to hearing about her book and hearing about her progress while she’s also giving great values so Kim. I really love that idea, and with this you could just do sort of regular check-ins.

Maybe once a month you do a video that’s, dedicated to your own writing and at the end of the year you could do sort of like a little recap of like. Where has my book gone from point A to point B? That would be a really fun title to say my writing progress in a year or something like that alright.

Now, what I want you to do is take some time and use this list to brainstorm specific video title ideas that you can be doing in the next few months and if you want more help again with your channel or you want all these video ideas in A printable version again, you can check out my patreon page and also check out these awesome videos that, I think, will help you with your off youtube channel and with your author platform as well.

Let me know in the comments, if you have any other ideas that I didn’t include on this list and we ‘ Ll, see you in the


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