5 Social Media Marketing Strategies for Authors


Hello, thank you for joining, wanted to share with you five social media strategies for marketing your book. This would be geared towards authors looking to market their book, and these are five strategies that I have used.

That have worked very well, but I wanted to talk to you about them, and I know that there are a lot of strategies that you can use. But I wanted to share five that I’ve used and that we’re very helpful to me, so the first one is definitely to use your email list.

That is very, very important. Everyone on your email list should know that you have a book coming out, they should have an excerpt, and I know sometimes people often share a whole chapter with their email marketing list.

So that would depend on you how you feel about doing that, but definitely they should know where your cover looks like they should know what your title is, so you want to get them involved in your book and get them excited for your book coming out.

The next thing that I would say is that you are a person that’s on Twitter. You definitely want to use Twitter and post about your book share some excerpts and definitely let them know where your book will be purchased at the next thing.

That you want to do is share it on your facebook business page. Your business page should definitely have pictures of your book if you definitely have an xserve, and they should definitely know where they can buy your book at.

So you want to use those three things. If you are on all of them, you definitely want to use those three things. You also want to try lengthen if you are on linkedin now, the key to intent is not to be spamming.

You don’t want to post a lot. So you maybe want to do just to post or one about your new book coming out and, lastly, try facebook at they are very, very helpful. If you have your fan page, one of the things you can do is to to market to the people that, like your fan, page their friends or you can set it up to have certain areas, foreign city, state or a certain interest.

You can set it up for, but that would be a great way to decimal get more eyes on your book. You can spend as little as two dollars or five dollars and upwards. The amount of money you decide to spend will be totally on you, but those are five strategies and five marketing strategies for you to get your book out there, a little bit more so, of course, Twitter.

Secondly, it would be your email list. Third would be linked in force, will be your facebook business page, and the fifth would be to boost your ad booth. Your toes, if you have a really great post, that you have you want to boost it or you want to create a net either or the pricing would be the same.

The makeup of it will be the same. Of course. What Facebook will do is they will review the content in the picture and text and see if it’s, something that’s going to pass and then from there you get an email if it’s approved.

If not, you get an email saying it’s not approve, but those are five methods strategies that I use as our social media marketing for my book, sta author – and this is recently tried this past weekend.

So I’m super excited about the results. I actually got more results on two platforms which was running an ad and then linkedin. When I looked at the analytics for both, they were awesome and I got most of my sales from those two platforms which we’re linkedin and the Facebook ad.

So something to think about. Just if you are looking to promote your book and you want to keep your pockets, keep your money in your pocket, keep the value low. As far as what you pay for ads again, the least you can pay two dollars based on what you decide to pick as far as your audience or five hours can be the least.

So it’s, pretty much up to you, but something to think about. So thank you so much for joining and I will catch you later.


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