Book marketing strategies: Set your book up for ongoing opportunities


Hey it’s, kathleen gauge with power up for profits and right now it’s towards the end of the day I’ve, had an amazing day of talking with clients, doing a couple of interviews, radio interviews and thinking About what it takes to build a business that actually was the topic of conversation with the people that were interviewing me specifically, how do you use the resources you have available to build your business and one area that I’m working on right now? It’s, actually a new product line to do with book marketing.

Now it’s, not just about book marketing, it’s about what do you do to lay the foundation on the front end? What do you do during an actual launch – and I’m – not talking to launch where you get a whole bunch of bonuses and people mail out for you on one day, and you hit number one in categories in in one day period and then That’s, it it’s, a flash in the pan and there’s, no sustainability, but it’s truly about what comes next and what you can do on the vacuum, because the word that really comes Up for me in book marketing in getting speaking engagements in building your business is sustainability.

Is your business sustainable? Are your strategies sustainable and one of the things that I know to be true? Is you can go in like gangbusters and do something get a result and then never replicate it and you have gone in you’ve gotten a result.

You’ve, been a flash in the pan and you’ve. Never replicated the model if you have a model that you can replicate, you can actually turn that replication that model into an information product that can generate revenues for you.

So I encourage you to really look at what you’re doing in your business and are you building your business like a house of cards where it’s, all a flash in the pan? One thing one strategy, one time, and then you move on to something else, or do you have a vision for your business where there’s an end result and everything you do leads up to that end result that everything is integrated.

It really takes time it takes planning, it takes consistency. Recently I had an experience where I did a nighttime run. If you following me on Facebook, you may seen the post, where I did a nighttime run.

It was the glow stick run, and it was so interesting because we had a headlamp that the light from the headlamp shined about anywhere from a foot to five feet in front of us and each person could adjust their light to show as much of a space.

As they needed and what I know to be true is I had to focus on the like in that space and be very, very targeted and very focused on what came next, because if I deviated from that, I was going to get off track and I could Have hurt myself it’s the same in business.

Are you doing the next indicated step? Do you know what the next indicated step is? If you don’t, do you have a light that you can shine on it to really help? You out this is Kathleen gage, encouraging you look at what you’re doing in your business.

Is it sustainable? Do you have longevity? Are you a flash in the pan, or will you be around for years to come, have a great day?


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