Book marketing strategies: Should You Give Your Kindle Book Away?


Hi, this is Kevin gauge with power up for profits, and i’m going to show you the process. I’m using to use a kindle book to drive traffic to landing pages that have an opt-in opportunity when people opt-in they’re.

Taken to what’s called a trip wire, which is a very low price to offer, and what that does is it gets them to make a purchase? The sooner you can get your market to make a purchase, the better off you’re, going to be because the first purchase is always the toughest.

However, with the book on Amazon, we’re using what is called perma free, which means it’s permanently free now, keeping in mind that Amazon at their discretion can decide not to keep giving it away, they can say: okay, now you Have to charge for it and we can charge anywhere from 99 cents on up to whatever we want to charge.

Studies have shown that the best price point is two dollars and ninety-nine cents, but with that being said, let me show you what we’re doing here. We first of all are maintaining a really good position on Amazon.

You’ll notice that our numbers are number one in the category kindle ebooks business and money, marketing and sales sales and selling, and then management and then again all the way through to entrepreneurship and small business.

These are great categories for me to have the book in because one it’s, a category that my market is in and two there’s, not a lot of competition. So I’m. Maintaining the number one position in a really strong way: it’s, been for nearly two months, because you’ll notice that the publication date is March 10 2016, and we’re about two months into that.

It’s a little past, the tenth of may 2016, and we’ve, been maintaining this position almost exclusively since we published this book now. The way we’re doing that is we had strategies for driving traffic to get people to download the book inside the book.

If you go to the instance ID feature, what you’ll see is that we actually have an offer for a free download inside the book and if people click on it, they’re taken actually to the page where they can opt In so that’s, one way that we’re using the book to not only get good rankings on amazon, but also to have people opt in, and it tells them about this book.

How i make over a hundred thousand dollars a year with free presentations, which is all true information and then access immediately? It takes them to an opt-in page when they opt-in. They will get the access to the information that’s, going to redirect them now.

What happens after they opt-in is. They are taken to a page where, basically, that’s, not not how I look all the time, but basically what i’m doing. I am so glad requested your frame yet to help you with your presentations.

I can assure you that when you apply the information you’re, going to get a great result and because i know that you’re interested in making money with presentations with speaking workshops, till the seminars and webinars i put together or Really, okay, so I I talked to them and what I’ve done.

Is I’ve put together what is called a tripwire? This is a ninety seven dollar value program that they get for only twenty dollars, they simply click and they’re taken over to a page to buy it so that’s.

One of the strategies that I’m using okay, so that’s, the promo free side of things. Now let’s say that I’m, promoting one of my options and I have one called six steps to more speaking, gigs in more sales from the stage cheat sheets and checklist when people opt in for that.

They are taken to this page. They fill in their name in their email address. Then there again taken right back to this page. This is step number three. They can get instant download by giving me twenty dollars.

This is the cover, and then this is what’s inside now. What you’ll notice inside up here’s, a giveaway inside of the giveaway right here I’m, promoting the kindle perma free book. I’m also inside of here just in case.

They want to go further than just a free information piece. I’ve got my full program. Six-Figure speaking, which is speak, sell, profit calm and they can click on that and be taken to a landing page. And actually i ‘

Ll show you that landing page and it would be speak – and this is the landing page for six-figure speaker, and this takes them down. This is a paid course, and here’s, the landing page – and we do quite well with this – tell us them what they’re, going to get and only 997, and I can run specials on that.

If I want to. But that’s, another strategy, so we’ve got them where they’ve, gotten a free ebook and on promoting not only the kindle book right here. I’m, also promoting my paid program and when they go back to the kindle book, if they didn’t already download it, they go through the process again and inside I ‘

Ve got the offers, so I hope that helps. I hope that explains it, and i want to wish you a lot of success with your own perma free books.


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