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Hello: everyone, my name is Mandy Lynn, the author thing a little novel essence and historical fantasy novel. I am Marcy, and today we’re here to talk about marketing. Once again. Last week I talked about the basics of marketing developing a product, a home.

In a presence, and today we’re, going to focus exclusively on presence. If you haven’t seen last week’s, video be sure to check out the description and click. The link there being present means using social media for marketing it’s, a dream and a nightmare all in one.

It’s, a dream because it’s for you marketing it’s, a nightmare because there’s, just so much out there in so much competition these days, everyone is on social media, which is awesome because That means you have a lot of people looking at Facebook and Twitter and it’s, just prime real estate for marketing.

The key is figuring out how you make yourself in your books present in social media. Some of you guys may think that means on being every single social media site and that’s. Where I’m going to stop you, there are too many social media sites to name, but I’m just going to give you some for an example: we’ve got Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google, YouTube Pinterest, Instagram and Goodreads, And that’s, just a small sample.

If you were on every single site, you’d, be spreading yourself too thin and you wouldn’t accomplish anything on those sites, because each of them has different sort of ways. They work and you wouldn’t like you, wouldn’t generate anything from it, so that means you have to choose just a small handful of social media sites and find your niche within them.

To do this, you have to think to yourself who is my audience? That means you, shouldn’t, be relying on LinkedIn for your social media. Marketing LinkedIn is great. It’s, a professional atmosphere, but let’s face it.

People who read young adult novels aren’t, usually on LinkedIn, where are they usually well? Sometimes they’re here on YouTube on Twitter. On Facebook, Instagram Pinterest there’s, a lot of options, but you have to choose the ones that will help market you and your book on a side.

Note the Goodreads author program, and that is a must, if you’re an author enroll, it put your book out there and it push yourself out there as an author as well. People can save your book, they can get excited for it and they can leave reviews.

If you’re a new author and you’re first starting out, I would recommend choosing like three or four social media sites that you can kind of build your home base on Twitter. I feel like it’s. Kind of a must sometimes find what works with your personality, with your books and just go from there.

The next step is to develop a plan and start socializing, so get your profile set up and upload a photo and write in your bio and just start posting part of the reason you’re on social media is not only to get yourself out There, but to build trust among your followers.

You want to be someone that your followers can come to someone they like to seek content from and someone they look forward to seeing a post social media is a great place to put updates about your writing.

Your favorite writing blogs. If you write a blog yourself share, the link don’t forget that social media is a place to socialize. This isn’t just a place to start throwing out ads everywhere on being obnoxious.

This is a place to make friends and build relationships that’s about where I want to end today’s. Video is there more to social media marketing. Yes, of course, I could probably write a book on it and maybe someday.

I will, but today we’re, going to limit to this to keep it nice and simple for now. Let me know what you guys think in the comments down below. If you want to know what social media sites, I’m on everything’s in the description and as always, give this video a thumbs up and subscribe.

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