How To PUBLISH a Children’s Book on AMAZON in 10 MINUTES!


How to self-publish a children’s book on Amazon, using Kindle direct publishing? My name is Eric ordinary. I’ve, published over eight books at the time of filming this on Amazon, and they continue to do very well for me.

Indeed, five of them, of which I’ve, actually reached number one bestseller, which is great now. What you want to do is go to first of all, KDP, kindle direct publishing is what KDP stands for, and it’s.

Amazon’s publishing platform. Now you can print, publish print books and kindle books from this particular platform. So we’re going to do. Is you’re, going to go in and actually create an account? So when you go and do that, which is completely free of charge, you will at first have nothing showing here and, as you publish your books, they will all show up here in your authors page.

So what you’re going to do is choose whether you’re, doing a paperback. That’s, a hardcopy book or whether you’re doing a Kindle eBook because they just choose which one you want and then you simply start entering all the details.

Now I’ve got one here that I’ve started setting up just so that I don ‘ T have to make you wait while I log everything in so I’m just going to sign in with my details and basically, when you go in to set this up, it will ask you all these questions.

So, first, what’s? The language of your book, what’s, the title: do you have a subtitle? Is it part of a series or audition who’s? The author? Are there any contributors? What’s, the description or the blurb of your book? That you want to show up on the Amazon sales pages.

Do you own the copyright? So yes, if it’s, your own work and then you own the copyright. So yes, you’ll tick! That box and you’ll. Want to pick some keywords that suit your particular book and then go in and choose your different categories.

So, basically, when you click on this box, this is where you would go in and find you know what kind of book does yours best suit? You’re allowed to choose up to two categories. I’m just going to pick one for this, because mine’s quite straightforward, a little book and is that adult content in it so that’s? All I’ve gone in and filled in on this bit so far, press save and continue, and it would take you through to the next step.

Okay, then, once you move into the second stage, the second step of publishing your book, what you want is an ISBN now this is basically an international number. This it’s like the barcode that goes on the back of your book.

If your book has an ISBN number, then it can be searched for by bookstores and libraries and the like. So you definitely need an ISBN. Now you can buy your own. I often buy my own from a website called thought.

Balcom and or you can just use Kindles ISBNs, so if you just want to keep this really really simple, free and cheap then select this if you want to have your own ISBN. So if basically, you want to act as your own publisher then go to a website like thought baucom, you can buy about ten ISBNs at a time for about one hundred and eighty dollars.

It works at about eighteen to twenty dollars per ISBN barcode. But if you want the free one from Kindle just click that box there and it will automatically assign you once and that’s, one option you have now what date is your book being published? I was filling this in the other day and so mine shows Christmas Day 2019 and then you come into all of your different printing options.

So do you want color? Do you want black and white? Do you want cream or white paper what size do you want? Your book to be, and so on so choose do you want your front cover to be shiny and glossy or more matted, and then you want to upload your paperback manuscript.

So you need to have your inside of your book, your interior of your book as a PDF document, so make sure that you have either saved that as a PDF. So it says here we recommend using PDF file format and make sure it doesn’t have the cover on it.

This is only for your internal file. Only so all I did was uploaded that so that I didn ‘ T have to make you sit through waiting for my internet to upload it, and I’m actually going to just upload a new cover file, [ Music ].

The next thing you’re going to do is now launch the preview, and what this does is actually allows you to have a look at what your book will look like once it comes out of the printing, so you press launch previewer.

It would take a minute just to load up this previewing file, and then it will give you the opportunity to kind of flip through every single page and see how it’s going to come out when it loads up. It will look like this.

So you can basically click on this little arrow here and it would take you through the book to have a look at every single page. Now, if there are any problems with any of the pages, it will put like in the little exclamation mark at the top.

Here and it will also put exclamation marks along with this left hand, side, and how are you if anything is wrong, and if so, what is is wrong? If it’s, not working away, it’s, not working. So all I need to do is just basically go through.

Have a look? Does it all look like everything fits in the right place, scroll through the book? It can take a little bit of a while for these each of these pages to load, depending on how fast your internet is, and so I’m just going to pause the video and just go through my book to make sure that it all Looks: okay, alright, so once you’ve gone through all of your different pages and you’re happy that everything looks right, then quite simply go down here and press a proof.

Now it won’t. Let you press approve! If something is wrong, okay, so if it’s, not letting you press it, then there is some kind of error. Ie it’s. Normally, what’s called the bleed line around there, so normally just have to re-upload your file and select the bleed out option on the details page we were just on, but I’m gonna press approve on that.

Now. What that will do is it will tell Amazon that I’m happy with the book and ready for it to go to publish so I ‘ Ll show you now what has happened so there we ‘ Ve got all of our information.

I want bla bla bla bla bla. This is what I want there’s, my interior. There’s. My cover I’ve, launched the previewer, and now what will happen is it will tell you how much it will cost you to print your book, so this particular brick.

I have here this children’s book. It’s. Full-Color all the way through and it’s 25 pages long and for me to print a copy. Myself will cost me three dollars and sixty-five cents. If I click on the other marketplaces again, it tells me and all of the other different shops how much it will cost me.

So, as you can see, this is where you have the opportunity to actually make some money. Amazon acts as the print on my behalf. So if I wanted to order a whole bunch of copies for myself, all I would have to do is order as many copies as I want at three dollars and sixty-five cents, each plus shipping.

I can have a massive box of those books in my spare room, which is exactly what I do and then, when I go to events or market stalls or anything like that, I can then sell these books, for you know 15 20 dollars each as you can See making even after shipping quite a decent profit, so the other option is that Amazon basically will ship and send out all of your books for you.

So if I went to Amazon – and I bought your book – obviously I would be paying whatever it is that you’re charging on Amazon and Amazon will just ship the book out to me. So I’ll. Show you a little bit more about where you set the pricing, because that comes next so now I know that it’s, going to cost me three dollars and sixty-five cents to actually print this particular book.

Now I get to choose how much I want to sell it, for so the first thing going to do is select. Where do you want to sell it, or I want to sell it everywhere? Let’s go worldwide because that’s. The whole point of going out on one of these massive platforms and what’s, the primary marketplace and how much you’re, going to sell it for so, for instance, I’m based in oh, I’M based in Australia, but that’s not coming up.

So let’s just go to I’m gonna sell this for a 1199, so I’m gonna stick in here, 1199 US. So this will tell me now exactly how much money I will get in my royalties. So yes, if I print physical, copies myself and take those physical copies away and sell them in person, then obviously I will make a lot more profit.

But if Amazon is doing all of the dispatching printing posting for me, even when it’s old 1199, I will actually only be taking three dollars and 54 cents profit with the expanded distribution which basically takes out two bookstores and online retailers, libraries and Things like that, I actually only get one dollar and 15 cents for my book and that’s, because there’s, a number of different people, the shippers, the Packers, the loaders, the shops, everything else that has to take their cut on The profit margin so look.

This puts some people look at this again. Oh my god, Rhodri selling a book on Amazon. Well, because it’s got millions and millions of buyers, and these numbers do add up, and I’d like to use this platform as a place for people to be able to find me so anyway.

Look that’s! That’s. Another conversation for you to have outside of this video, but if you show all of the other places that it can be, it will be sold. You’ll, see all of the different profit margins that you get.

What your royalty is that you take home, and you understand that it would take about 72 hours for your book to be available for purchase on Amazon look. This is the ninth book that I have published and all of them have taken less than 24 hours to go up, so it always takes a lot quicker than they suggest it will, but just allow for 72 hours for those of you that are doing pre-sales or Anything like that don’t tell people, it will be ready tomorrow, just in case it takes a little bit longer.

Do you want a printed proof of this book? Yes, you can, and quite simply you press the big yellow button publish your book. So I’m gonna press, the publish your book. Oh, I’ll, let us take 100 years and my amazing Australian Internet and voila.

There we go so this is now a little summary. I have a 9th published book. Bundy ghosts bears Bundy’s, adventures and it will now be in my book store now one of the things you need to do next, so I can press Start your ebook now and I do actually have an e-book file for it, but I’m not going to do that for now, so I’m just gonna press closed because I’m gonna.

Do that a bit later on what I want to show you something you need to do now, is you know I want to make sure that you have all of your books basically attributed to you when you people go to your Amazon profile, so what you need To do now is just quickly go to Amazon Amazon.

What’s? It called author, central Amazon, author central just type in Amazon, author central into Google and author central to will come up, make sure you log in you’re logged in as yourself, and you have a couple of options here.

So the first thing is to setup your author page. So this is basically a little bio about you. You can add in your blog, you can add in pictures of yourself and in social media URLs and all that business and when, basically, when people search your name on the internet or in Amazon and that profile will come up.

But what you need to do now is basically assign books to yourself, so you’re gonna go to add more books, and I’m gonna now. Search for Bundy’s. Adventure Bundy coaster bears just published press. Go now it might not show up yet so it’s, saying it’s, not there yet.

So what I’ll do do. Tomorrow is our way today and I’ll, come back in here and I’ll press search again because by then it should have loaded onto the Amazon System. And what will happen then is? It will actually show up here and all you do is click on that and say this is my book and of course it will know that it is because it knows that you you are, who you say you are and then it will basically add it to Your Amazon profile so that people can see all of your books that you have published.

So that is how you very simply quickly and easily publish a book on Amazon in print copy and exactly the same ebook and all of that in about 5-10 minutes. Don’t, let anyone tell you that publishing a book is hard and that you can’t.

Do it. You absolutely can share your knowledge, share your expertise, share your passion and creativity to the world. The click of a button. Now it’s there for you to share it and make your author dreams come true.

If you want to learn how to get your knowledge and expertise out to the world in the form of products and programs like ebooks and online courses, and you go on over and check out my free course creation starter kit at the WWDC record com, /it starter Kit, which will teach you how to get all of your knowledge actually out of your head and start organizing your knowledge into some logical manner that you can then turn into courses and books and keynote presentations and more.

That will make you money and make a bigger impact in the world, so that’s. The record calm, if you like this video, please give it a like. Please give your shirt. Don’t forget to subscribe on. My youtube channel see ya


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