How to Self Publish Children’s Books on Amazon│STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL

Hi lovelies Kelly here today we are going to um go over amazon kindle publishing yep. Today i’m, going to walk through how to publish itself for publishing your children’s. Books on amazon, you’ve.

Seen that it’s very easy, so let’s get started. Let’s start with sharing my screen: [, Music, ]. Okay, so here we are on amazon kdp in the direct publisher, wants to set up your account that it’s very simple, and that this is where you have it um you’re here in your bookshelf.

This is where you are, and today we’re gonna publish self-publish at children’s, books, a candle, a ebook, keep version, let’s! Go over here when you go, and then you want to separate kindle ebook [ Music ] alright.

So this is the first step. First, you start with your kindle ebook details. What do you mean by this kelly languish book? Title series, if you have it edition number, if it’s, a different edition author contributors, description, publishing rights, keywords, categories and age range, so very basic stuff, so um today i’m going to uh play around with my um.

Probably issues publishes uh adventures of publishers, the frog um. So yes, we play around with publish publishers this time so um the language we’re gonna be the main um, and this is the theme um. We are publishing for um the us uh territory, but this can be any language that you want to publish if you wan na.

If you have a translated version, if you’re going to publish a translated version of your book, you can choose um. Another language, you know all of the other languages are available, so this one. This is for the um here in the us for the us territory and all of the english languages.

So we’ll. Keep it this way, um okay, so they had adventures. [, Music ] wishes the product, [ Music, ], all right, so very simple, and they need to have like uh, especially if you’re publishing with like subtitle.

You can always add it here, but i mean it’s as it says it’s optional, so i will keep it simple. The adventures of publishers here is, if you have a series, if you have a serious name um it’s helpful to edit.

If you don’t, have it it’s, not an issue. A lot of people, don’t, have a series name, and then they just create based on the theme of the book um. But this is totally up to you. I do have my series: let’s, learn while you play that i can add here, but i’m important detailing.

If you add the series, if you have a series, you need to add a series number otherwise, um amazon will not let you proceed when you go saving cartoon. So if we’re, going to add the series, you need to add a series number um addition: the addition it’s, let’s, say um.

If it’s. The first edition you don’t really need to it’s first time that you publish you don’t really need to add anything, but let’s say you wan na um publish a new version, a New edition of the book, so you’re going to edit there edition truth, be whatever how many times you ever publish this work um.

So you edit the edition here, the author first name last name um, and then your contributors um. So it’s. The contributors um here it’s. A lot of authors like especially children’s author. They have like they wan na, give well give um credits to the illustrator to the artist.

So you choose here: um like the illustrator, the student first name, last name or whatever else. If you’re, translating you want to edit the translator give a credit to the translator. You added a name first name last name to editor.

If you wan na um as well, acknowledge the editor for your book, you can add here, so this is um totally up to you and then, as you keep editing, you go and add um you keep adding another. So here you see also it could be.

Another author, let’s, say if you’re publishing a children’s, books that you’re, collaborating with another author. So yes, this is where the order not the author name, come as well, um and so forth. I see, i think you get the idea here, the description, okay, so the description it’s, a very important part, as amazon says here, customers view your book descriptions as they shop on amazon, so oftentimes it’s.

A reader’s, first experience with the content of your book. So yes, a well-written description, spikes readers interest and you know, assures them that your book uh is of high quality. So you have 4000 characters left here.

Well, i didn’t. Stop writing but here um you go and add your description so um. This is a book. Um is about a friendship uh between [, Music ], a frog, a girl, and then you know well. Obviously i’m just like for the purpose of um.

The tutorial i’m just like giving some examples here, but i mean when you’re, going to write your description to your book. You’re, going to do it, oops between a frog and a girl and blah blah blah. So, yes, obviously you’re, going to do much better than that, and there are a lot of tools there that you can use to create a nice description or should use it like tags, html tags.

If you want to highlight certain areas, if you wan na, i idolize some areas um, so you can create this and then um copy paste. I do have my description um, but since this i already published this book and then i’m.

Just updating. So it’s in another file, but you go. You have like, as i said, 4000 characters to update here so take as you know, as much that of advantage that you can take um so proceeding here, publishing rights.

So this one it’s about really the copyright um of the the book. So i own the copyright and i hold the necessary progression right. So yes, if you are the owner of the copyright, your book, you wrote yourself publishers.

So, yes, you’re on the copyright and this is a public domain. I mean i don’t, think anyone will publish their own book, the book that they have written and they own an appropriate domain uh. But for the most part i mean, if i have written, because at this point i’m sure that you already know um once you’re written it’s, yours, so you own the copyright.

So you can hear so here choose this option if your book is on the copyright and you hold the necessary rights of the content to be published. So this is my case, and here we move on um and you go keywords: keyword it’s.

Another very important part because um this is also another way that people go and they look for when they’re shopping on amazon when they go to the search bar. This is like the way that a lot of uh customers uh, for instance, parents teachers when they go on amazon.

They do this search on the search bar, so that’s. Why it’s very important to choose the right keyword, even though amazon says? Oh, it’s optional. I strongly recommend pick some great keywords here to add: um, let’s, say um beginner, oops, um, early childhood um.

Just one example: um bedtime, oops baby time stories and you see uh picture books, um picture books for um picture box or if you have like another long tail keyword, big picture books for toddlers picture books for um preschoolers.

So i strongly recommend you go to amazon and do some res research on amazon, about um target keywords, uh or uh. The book that you’re writing or the theme that you write, because, yes, that would extremely helpful so take advantage and use all of the keywords here.

There are also tools like um kendo uh, kindle spy. Some other tools that you can research, um target keywords, um, and then you can add here um and just a quick example. Let’s say if you go here to the kindle store, so picture books, [, Music, ] picture books for kids picture books, free picture books for children, age 46.

So those are very important because, like parents are caregivers teachers, they always those keywords. Now getting back um once you have your keywords, all set. The next is the character, and this is the tricky part because uh when you come to the categories here, so why categories is important.

According to amazon, a browse category is the section of amazon site where users can find your book. Think of the browse category like the sections of a physical bookstore like fiction history or like children,’s books.

So you can select app to choose browse categories for your book and precise book categorization help readers find your book so be sure to select the most appropriate categories in terms of children’s picture book i mean for the most part i mean for The most part, i guess that’s, where it is uh, it will be like if well, if you’re publishing, a fiction book for children would be in this carigori juvenile fiction, um, where it goes.

But this is the trick part because sometimes while you choose here is not exactly what amazon shows uh so, for instance, so um the adventures of for publishes the frog. So if i go here, animals animals, uh animals, it’s, a frog, so frogs.

The talents so frogs one category and then, if i go another one um, you can choose anything that time stories. You can go um and those some of those categories you can open and they have some other like concepts.

Um general alphabet body, colors color concepts very day of color um and then you see uh depending of the theme of your book. You can choose and be very targeted to what you choose. So i’m, going to keep the frog and nostalgia.

So let me choose this so once you go, you choose the categories. You go and save um. So once you go into save your categories, you go um and choose your entering asia range. So oh great um! This part i mean it says it’s optional, but i mean i strongly recommend you to edit this.

So let’s say it’s for children shoe it’s, a random box. So for two two five years old – and here it’s – the grade like it’s school grade, let’s, say uh. If you’re, doing a picture book or a middle grade book uh for children.

Second graders, so you see if you want a kindergarten to i don’t know second grade third grade, so you can choose here. I’ll. Leave it with this. This way for now um – and here you have the choice. If you want to set up a pre-order, you can choose a ready to release.

Well, you can choose. I’m, ready to release my book now or set up the priority. Usually the pre-order, as often now in terms of books for children, it’s only available for ebooks. It’s not available for paperback here, so hopefully soon um.

But this is the way that you set up. You go pretty much when you set up a pre-order. It’s, the same as um as if you’ll, be doing through when you’re, releasing your book right now, but basically the pre-order.

You have like a certain timeline that you can have to revise your work. Um re-upload, if you needed to and also according to amazon rules, you just can change the date of your pre-order one time without penalties i mean so let’s say you set up your book to publish um halloween, let’s say I set up a pre-order for following halloween october 31st and then, when i see it’s getting closer, then i realize oh, this will not work.

I need it to change so i change i have one month you can change for a month from the date that you set up without pending, but let’s say you move this date and then um you decide that it still didn’t work and then it still doesn’t work for you and you needed to change it.

So if you needed to move or then you case so there will be a penalty. The way that works for amazon is that you will not be able to set up another pre-order for a year. So keep this in mind when you decided to set up your pre-order on amazon.

Have your timeline everything clean up, orderly! So you don’t, get into trouble that’s, it pretty much and then once you do you go here when you save and continue um amazon done, and then you go to the book: [, Music, ] and here um.

This is like um, the digital rights management. How is my my kindle ebook affect by dr mdrn digital rights? Man is intended to inhibit an authorized distribution of the kind of file of your book. Some authors wanted to encourage readers to share the book from uh kindle and lini um and choose not to have jeremiah apply to their book.

If you choose dmi customer will still be able to link the book to another user for short period, and you can also purchase the book as a gift for another user from the kindle store. So i set up this to know, but this is totally up to you see what works for you, this one um.

As i said, this was the first version um of the book and then i’m re-uploading, the new um file and since i transition um, probably if you follow me for a while, you know i rebranded the website. I had to um change, update a lot of documents, and this is the situation with the book.

I had all the data from my old website social media, the time that i was reviews by the banks. So now i’m re-uploading. The new file – everything um new, oh, but let me just show you in this area, when you’re, going coming to the kindle ebook content.

There is the manuscript area table cover uh the preview and the isbn that you really don’t need it is to publish on amazon, but you do need it if you want to publish a paperback book um anywhere and if you want to publish An epub um in order distribute worldwide.

You will also need it, but i’m talking specifically for amazon. So let’s. Go here, upload a book, manuscript uh! So let’s, get the the new up, the new um, the new, updated file, okay – and this might take a little while um and then, when it happens, candle usually get you to.

That was quick in terms of cover the cover upload. Here you have the choice i had my cover and everything is nice: it’s uploaded and but also candle, give you the choice of creating your cover. Now [ Music, ] um, based on um the years that i’ve, been publishing.

Children’s, books of publishing children’s, books in um, participating um in other um writing groups, um passionately with writers. Listening to readers conversation i strongly – and this is very i mean – and then i really emphasize this.

If you’re, not a designer one artist, i mean a visual artist um. I strongly recommend you hire someone to do your book cover your children’s book, and why? Because they, you know that say: uh people, readers judge a book by the cover.

This is true, so your idea of would be a proper. A beautiful cover noses might not necessarily be what your audience think of a good cover. So trust me on that um. I strongly recommend again um. If you don’t, have a graphic design, any type of visual artist, visual arts um background degree.

I strongly recommend you hire a professional. You can find these. You can go to associations, you can go to the societies of um children’s, book authors and illustrator. I also have i partner with a lot of great illustrator and artists in my previous program, um initiative, the illustrator corner, so i do have information on my website as well or you can go to fiverr fiverr.

You can find um nice illustrator. You know we’ve put within a very reasonable price, so i strongly recommend um you do that um. So once you upload your document, you upload your cover. What happened here is um.

You go and launch the previewer once you launch the previewer um. Okay, let’s, go um and let’s, see what happens. Let’s, launch the preview and see [ Music ]. Okay. So here we go [ Music ] see if everything looks good and nice.

Everything is the way that you want it to be [ Music ], and this is the other part that it’s very important um. Also upload your files check go to the preview and check if everything looks um nice beautiful for your readership, you don’t wan na uh upload the document that it’s, not properly formatted and well.

Although amazon always they will revise. They will have a team that revised. If they have a problem, they will let you know, but it’s, always good for you uh to see and then have one idea about the quality of the product.

The the product that you’re offering to your relationship, so everything looks good um and then you hear let’s. Go back to book details because it looks good to me. Everything looks fine, [, Music, ], and once you have this watch everything’s.

It’s done and here kindred books are not required to have one sbn with one isbn, as i said, so what is one i asked civilian when i asked the b in time to is the international standard book number um? You can publish your book without one, but if you have one you may enter here, however, to only be used as a reference, it would actually appear on the detail page of the book, only the isin that it’s.

The a a s i n it’s. Actually, the identifier on amazon that’s. Why um, i is being here on amazon exclusively, will not make any difference uh but important. They do not use one eye sbn when i print edition from a digital edition.

If you want to include one isbn for the digital digital version of your book, it must be a unique isb. You can purchase one isbn from multiple sources of the web on the website, so here in the us um, the most um, well-known organization, the cell isbn numbers – is the broker.

If you go to the broker, you can buy in bulk or you can buy one single one, but this is pretty much the idea. If you publish different versions, let’s, say if you publish one ebook, if you publish a paperback, if you publish a hardback or a hardcover you, you need three versions: three isbn four different versions of the book for the evil epub or for the Ebook edition for the soft cover uh, uh paperback and the hardcover edition – and here everything looks good to me and as i said, if you started the process and you want to save to continue later, you can save as a draft or you can keep it moving.

So everything looks fine to me and i will continue continue: [, Music, ] and now this is the part that it’s where you set up um the price and also, if you wanted to enroll and promotions. This is where you go um and here um very important.

You have the kindle select that it’s, the one that you can set up your book, um maximize any promotion um on amazon and you can set up you can set up. I mean um your book for free um for a few days to get readers and then download a lot of downloads and um set up the promotion.

So i will not go into details about kdp select here uh because it requires a little details. But here, if you want to enroll, how do i know why your title is running kdp, select very important uh you elect to make your kindle book exclusive to kindle, and this is the point uh the prozi con, and this is why i’m.

Not gonna get this into this right now, in terms of the kdp select, i did i used kdp select when i first published my first book, and this is the way that i recommend, if you’re launching your first book um.

This is a great way to get like people to download your book, especially when people uh don’t, know you or if you don’t have all the titles then can push that title. When you set up your book in kdp, select um, your book is exclusive on amazon.

If i’m, not mistaken, it’s for 90 days, so i believe it’s for 90 days. You cannot publish in anywhere else. It’s exclusive from amazon, but everything, as i said, there is project coins, and i’m not going to this right now, just because i just want to show you the process of publishing itself.

I’ll leave. The kdp select, show another opportunity, and here’s, the territory, the rights i mean. If you have like all rights, this is like the self-publishing. You wrote your pc or pollution, so it most likely, but you needed to make sure um and another example.

If you’re publishing with someone else um your collaborators. So yes, you just make sure um. If you have the rights worldwide for you um. Just in individual territories, so in my case it’s all so i’ll, keep doing that, it is and the royal cheese – and this is what you choose here – um the royal cheese.

I mean if you decided to go um for the 70 percent um. Well, usually, when you go and upload a book kdp will tell you, according to the book size, what the minimum that you can set up in the marketplace.

Um, and then you have the royalty plans. If you want to do uh the 35 cents of 35 and 70 um, usually, if you go for the 35, you can price your product is slightly lower and obviously, if you get less of a loyalty uh, if you go 70 um, your royalty is um slightly Higher um and then you said, oh, you might say, oh, but i mean obviously, i’m, going with a higher royalty.

If this is where you know, you’re going to weigh again um in terms of your strategies, because, as i said, if you want to set up a book that it’s, 99 cents, you cannot set up a 99 cents with A 70 royalty, so um you go for 35 percent royalty, so this is why you’re, going to see um what works for you like.

Let me give you an example here, um, so here according to the book size, so this is the minimum that i can set up and then you can see the difference here um, but i go in and i keep this way and then they open the market.

Please – and this is where you have your books published and then um the way you’re going to calculate, and this is what you have here: um the delivery is the fee that the kdp um choose to charge for the delivery, and this is Your royalty as a publisher and then you can go individually um.

You can update this manually or you can use amazon pricing. I usually i like to um adjust here for my end, but this is totally up to you uh. This is um. Allow your customers to land your kindle book after purchase your friends and then this is very much applied, especially in kinder unlimited allow lady for this book.

Why is this long titles with a seventy percent? Variety option are required to be ruled in kindle book lending um. This is the other thing as well. I do see um, and this is again totally up to you. If you want to feel and you don’t want that um.

I just i see as an advantage because you can show your book to as many people i share uh as many people as possible in amnesia. It’s through uh the kindle it’s landed it’s just for um. You know for a duration of 14 days um, so that’s, basically for kindle only so – and here you accept the terms and then you read here and then you go publish your kingdom ebook, and this is pretty much [ Music ] it.

That’s, it, my friends, i hope uh. This was helpful. I hope this brought you clarity, uh and made it easier for you to see how simple it is to self-publishing your children’s books on amazon and, as always, if you have any question you can send me a message you can leave um a Note a comment below in our comments.

Um, i’m, always happy to hear from you um, and also, if you like this video don’t forget to give us a like hit the subscribe button and activate the bell. So you don’t miss our next notifications because i’m trying now to create as many uh well i had this plan previously uh to create tutorials for um our community.

So i’m working on a series of tutorials, so if this was helpful, um it’s, nice that you can get the notification, but this is what i have for today. I hope you stay healthy and safe and talk soon again.

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