How to Write Children’s Books with Respect

Hi guys Kelly here today as part of a q, a series, i will be answering the question: how to write children’s, literature with respect when writing to the literature. All authors should write with respect, but some writers may experience issues achieving that, especially if they have little to no experience with a particular age group.

So here are a few tips to help. You write children’s; literature with respect number one decide which age group you want to write for number two think back to when you were a kid number three create a list about what it still is like to be a child of your chosen Age group number four think back of what kind of books you read or had read to you when you were at that age and number five pay attention to how the other authors write children’s.

Literature should be written, mindfully and respectfully do not be afraid to challenge your audience with new ideas, user experiences as a kid or with a kid to help guide you with your children’s story and just write them.

I see you next time.

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