Why We Need DIVERSITY in Children’s Books Q&A

Hi guys Kelly here today as part of a q, a series – i will be answering the question: why do we need a diversity in children’s? Literature, the earliest children’s? Literature was very eurocentric, but this is not just race.

That was underrepresented in children’s, literature also missing. There was a variety of neurodiversity, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, ability and culture, and here are the reasons we need more diversity in children’s, literature number one.

It helps children to respect other identities. As well as their history at a much earlier age, number two, it helps children, learn about themselves and feel like they have a valid place in the world number three.

It helps children, develop empathy for others and what they go through when we fill the shelves of book stores and library with books about the same kind of person, we tell those who don’t fit the mode that they don ‘

T belong if there were more books available in the mirror, one actual sample of the world’s. Population children would learn to respect others of their identity at a much earlier age, and this will go a long way towards building a more inclusive, compassionate and understanding society.

See you next time.

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