How to Set-Up Your Book with Google Play | Step-by-Step Guide to Publish A Book on Google

Okay, so you’re gonna start out and click. Add book just seems simple, so you want to select that you are going to be selling the book on Google Play, you’re using an ISBN and you are bringing your own ISBN.

So, just like I had before I have my Google sheet set up, so I can easily copy in the ISBN boom. Saves me a lot of time. Just have that other tap open all right. Okay! So now we’re gonna enter all the information all over again.

This is why I have that Google sheet and then a Google Doc open with the book description. So that way, I am able to just go in copy and paste instead of having to type it out. Maybe I get a typo, maybe I miss type something it makes it so much easier when I can just copy and paste.

So I suggest that you do that too. So here is when I am posting that it’s, going to go on sale on the 25th, and that means that it’s on presale. So I uploaded this in late or sorry. Mid February, so this is saying from the second that it’s approved to go, live it’ll, be on pre-order, but it won’t be released until the 25th of March.

So it’s. Giving me a nice long pre-order period, so I can get some marketing going for it now. I do it the series name, so that is typed in, and this is gonna be book number one in the series now here with this related books that refers to edition.

So if this was a second edition or a third edition, I would have picked that, but that’s, not the case. So I’m, not going to do that. Okay, so here is where I’m, selecting the genre. It’s, really nice that I can just start to type in a word and search, so I can put in publishing this is about self-publishing I could put in books I could put in.

It was an environmental book. I could start to type environment. I can really start to type anything that I think is gonna fit with these categories, and you want to have more categories, but you want to make sure that they make sense to write.

I wouldn’t just pick a category. They didn’t think made sense like there’s, a lot of different writing categories, but I wouldn’t say that this is travel, writing or technical writing. This is about self publishing, so the writing’s already done.

This. Is the nuts and bolts of getting the book published so that’s? Why I’m, not going in there and just picking all of these different categories that I could. I want to make sure it makes sense, because if somebody finds it in that category – and so they’re looking for they’re, not going to buy it.

So I do want to make sure that it’s. The correct category, so I’m, going back and forth here. Looking for those codes – and I don’t like the ones that I’m, seeing pop up, so I’m trying to make sure I pick the right ones now with Amazon.

You can only pick two here in Google. As you can see, I can keep adding more, but I want to make sure they’re all relevant. I don’t just want to pick every category or just a hot category. If it has nothing to do with the book, okay, all right and then I’m gonna do contributor.

So I am the contributor I’m. The author, and here I didn’t, have my other tab pulled up. So I’m just gonna quickly pull up my website, where I have my press kit that has all of my different biographies on there of different lengths and sizes.

So I’m just gonna copy and paste that I party grand retract it. I’ve, already used it several times, so I can just copy and paste it now. It’s, consistent with everything else that I have out there. Okay, okay, so here is where I’m, going to upload the file.

Now you cannot drag and drop and you’re kind of seem you try to do that. It doesn’t work. You’ll kind of see where it just is. Like oh cool here’s, the picture, so you do want to actually click upload.

You don’t just want to drag and drop. It is going to throw an error at you pick. My cover know. One thing that I do here is, I just put the cover in so you have to see me come back in a second or two to be like wait.

Where do I put the content in? This is also the field where you put it in so all of your content goes in here, so Google is smart enough to know when you put in a jpg that’s, your cover, when you put it in an ePub file.

That is your book, which is very nice that it does that know here you can see. I went through the process of sending up two different prices. So if I wanted to say, I want to do one price during presale and I want to do another price after presale I can set that up in Google.

I decided not to do that because I didn’t do that on any other platform. I didn’t think that was right just to say well, you know. Maybe you have everything’s already, set up with Barnes Noble everything’s already set up with Apple books, so that means you have to pay more versus going to Google.

I, when people don’t feel like they have to jump through hurdles or just to save a dollar. So I am just gonna have one price for the pre-sale, but I’m going through the steps, so you can see what it would be if you wanted to set that up.

So that way, you know that you can do that, but I did go back and just set that at the 399 price one low price for everybody. So now it’s like okay, so you’re ready to go, and I was like nope. I need to upload the file, so we’re gonna go in and add the ePub file.

Now remember. This is something that I downloaded from Smashwords, so smashwords provide me a updated ePub file, so I was now able to use that with Google Play and street live. So thankfully smashwords does the hard work for me.

I don’t have to pay somebody to do that file conversion. It’s all just in there. So now, okay, we are good to go everything’s in there and I can hit publish congratulations. Okay. So then, when you go back to your main screen, you’re, going to see this.

It’s going to say, needs edits. It always says that and that’s because it’s processing the file. So I’m gonna go through it on the second book in the series and by the time I finish, I should be able to see that the book is now approved or if there are any edits it will.

You know continue to show that if those needs edits after a couple hours go in and see if there was an issue in processing the file. Okay – and that is how you set up a book on Google by

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