How To Set Up Your Book With IngramSpark | Step-By-Step Guide to Self-Publishing with IngramSpark

How To Set Up Your Book With IngramSpark

Okay, so today I’m gonna walk you through how to set up a new title with engrams spark. As you saw from that a dashboard page, there was a big button at the front that says add new title, so it makes it very easy once you get to this first page or given the option to do print, ebook or print and ebook.

So, in this case, I’m just doing the print, but I do find that when you do the print and ebook option it’s, really easy and really smooth. I definitely like that because it’s, going to save you from having to re-enter everything twice.

If you already know you’re doing the conjoining option so that’s. Super helpful, as you can see, I’m entering the description. I’m entering the details for the book to make sure that that’s in there, and I have that other tab open with the description where I’m.

Just copying and pasting that in I’m. Going to need it a lot as I am going through all the different systems, so it’s. Nice to have already right now already spell checked very important going from there.

It’s, a test for a short and a long description which I don’t love, but that’s. What house? For so you need to be prepared for that. Ok, add my information, pretty straightforward! Pretty easy write! Your name or your pen name alright, and here’s.

What I’m, going to look up the codes, the categories for new topics, so it’s, nice that I can add up to three in Ingram Park. If you’ll, remember in KDP, you can add two you have to manually email KDP to ask to add up to 10, which is a shortcut that I learned from Dave Chesson of Kendall preneur, but in Ingram spark you can do up to 3.

Just in the setup, okay, you’re, asked to add the table of contents. So have your document ready, so you can do that all right, and so, when I copied it from my eBook document, I just had to unlink the hyperlinks that were already in there.

We’re continuing on so here’s. What I’m just putting in the details of the actual print format, the size of the book, the paperback or hardback. This is gonna be paperback. I’m putting and that I wanted on cream paper, because that’s less jarring on the eye.

So I’m starting to get all those details in there that it’s asking for, and I’ve already planned this out. I already looked at the pricing calculator, so I am not surprised by any of the stuff that is coming up here.

I’ve, already taken a look at it now here’s, where I am with doing my list price, and now I’m, sending my discount, so the industry standard discount is at least 50 %, so I feel like I do just fine on my sales with online retail.

I would love to have more of my books in bookstores and I do that with the infinite infinite. But for this book I’m, not seeing a lot of bookstores carrying this book. I really just want to focus on getting it into libraries, so I’m, going to keep it at the minimum discount that’s or you.

I can at any point increase the discount if I wanted to, but I’d rather start with a lower discount and I can increase it versus. I’m starting out at a higher discount and never really knowing what’s going to happen.

If I try to lower it so – and this will always show you this notice to make sure that you are aware of the pre-order and that you are setting up okay and then you’re. Finally, going to get the page where you can upload things, so it is really important to make sure the top file is your interior.

The bottom file is your cover file. Do not try to put your cover file in the interior. You are going to get a very weird update from the system saying this. Doesn’t work, so you want to make sure your interior file is a PDF that has been saved not from Microsoft.

Word. Ingram spark is very clear on this and their details and their file creation guide. So you want to make sure you’re. Not doing that. As you can see, I’m, doing a full wrap paper back cover that has the front the spine and the back cover on it that I’m uploading here.

Okay, so Ingram spark will tell you that it’s. Uploading, the files it will look for any file errors, as you are uploading them and a person will review all the files as well. So maybe it’s, the correct format.

Everything was saved correctly, but something just isn’t lining up with their printer system. They will manually email you within a few days to let you know if there’s, another issue, so in this case we’re waiting to get this first check done like this first pass.

Are these the correct file types? Are they saved to the correct color formats, those kinds of things that’s, where this first check is and then the later Chuck will come that’s kind of passed through human eyes? It’s, a bit more detailed.

So you will have multiple check points which i think is a benefit. I know some authors don’t like it because they have to wait a bit longer. They have to plan a bit further ahead, but it ensures better quality and I think that’s more important than just a speed to release okay, and this can take a while.

So you just want to pack your patience, get ready for it. Okay and not long last, your title submission page pops up now you can see there is a charge for the listing fee. So what I’m doing is I’m, putting in the NaNoWriMo code that Ingram SPARC gave out it’s, nano 2020 and it’s only go through the end of March 2020s.

If you’re watching this, that does not it’s after March 2020, it’s, not currently valid, but you can see this dropped my charge to $ 0. Now, when I get that final approval, email from Ingram SPARC, I will see that again, but right now they’re, saying it’s been received and they’re, going to review it and that’s.


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