How to Set Up Your Book with Streetlib | Step-By-Step Guide for Self-Publishing with StreetLib

Hello, so today I’m, going to show you how to upload a buck to Street Lib from your dashboard. You click that ribbon icon at the top. There are other things that say: create ebook, create print book. You want to click that ribbon at the top to take you to this page, so this will allow you to actually upload your existing ePub file that you’ve created from smashwords.

Again I tried to go through one time and create my own epub. Here it was a little difficult to manage a little difficult to figure out. So then I realized. What I was doing is reinventing the wheel. I already had an ePub file from smashwords.

It did not need to go in and redo everything Here. I am looking at the pre-sale details that Street Live is giving each system has their own way of asking for how you want to set up your presale, so it is good that they have that readily accessible.

You can read that anytime. If you ever have, questions of this is the sale day. This is the release date. Each of these platforms should have a link to show you that, so, as you can see, I dragged and dropped my ePub file in and what it’s.

Doing is it’s, pulling all the information from the ePub for me, so it is pulling in the title it is pulling in the cover. So a lot of things are already coming in that I did not have to fill out because I was already there, so that was the benefit of dropping in an ePub file.

You are already telling the system what it needs to know because it’s, that data is saved as an ePub file. So here again I already have my other tabs open just for ease of used in getting that information in there.

You’re gonna have to enter it multiple times, so I find it easy to already have it there. So here I’m. Putting in my details for the keywords that I want to use, you’ll notice. I do different spellings like self-publishing as two words self-publishing, separated by a how to self publish self publish and that’s.

Just because I know people are searching for different items and if they use an exact phrase search with quotes around it. I would still want to be able to show up okay, so here’s, where I had read the details about the pre-order a couple.

Second, a couple minutes ago, and now I’m able to put in the details it’s, asking me for the print corollary. So I’m, adding that as well again all the detail that you can give to really make sure things are syncing up.

Is I deal so this is asking for collaborators volume numbers I didn’t have that, but it is in there again because I uploaded the ePub file. It is just giving me everything all at once, so I didn’t have to manually upload the image for the cover art and have to manually upload some of the details that you’re, seeing populated in here.

So that is a benefit to working with Street lip. Is that when you already have the ePub file from Smashwords, you can just do that. So here you can see. I’m scrolling through and picking my categories.

You’ve. Seen on the other videos for author ambition, each system has their own way of showing you these categories, but a lot of them are very similar. So if you one works on one system, you’d, probably want to search about seeing keyword on another system.

Again there’s, no holistic content. My author, your ambition books, but because it is about writing and publishing a book and effectively setting that up as a business, it’s, not really meant for children.

It is meant for people who are starting a business and those are usually adults, so that is why I put that there. Alright again, I’m. Double checking everything with the pre-sale questions that they’re asking for here, because I want to make sure that it can go on sale as of the date that I was uploading it, but that it will be released the day that it’s really Schlow belief for the pre-sale.

They already have the preset prices that makes it so much easier. Now here is where I am going to select every retailer, and I’m going to manually uncheck, the ones that I already have access to. Either directly through KDP, which should be Amazon or through Smashwords, so with Smashwords I get access to Barnes & amp, Noble I get access to overdrive.

I get access to scribe, so I don ‘ T necessarily want to be here again. I’ve direct access to Google Play because I’m on Google Play Books, so I don’t want that to be in there twice, so I can manually uncheck those.

So that is very helpful and I always make sure I am protecting my rights for my book and they allow that to show up there with a watermark which was very nice. And then I’m gonna hit save, and that is how you upload your book into Street lab.

So it’s fairly straightforward and fairly simple. Once you’ve gone through it a few times.


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