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She’s written a manuscript, but you have absolutely no clue how to format it for KDP eBook. Well, in today’s. Video, I’m gonna show you how to format your KDP ebook so stick around. They write writers, it’s, Keith wheeler here and if you want to continue to get all the hints tips and tricks on how to make self-publishing easier, then be sure to subscribe to the channel smash that little bell icon.

So you get alerted each and every time I put out something new. I wan na make this video as short and concise as possible. So I’m gonna flip the screen around and show you exactly how to format your KDP eBook.

Well. Here we are microsoft word. This is my manuscript for one bad call. I’m going to control a which is gonna, highlight everything, and the first thing I’m going to do. Is I’m, going to select the font and you don’t want to go over the top as far as a specific font type, so stick with something that is common in your particular genre.

So for mine, I’m just gonna stick with Georgia and the font size. I’m gonna stick with twelve and the truth is is when it comes to the e-book, the user. The device will select the font size that they want.

So you really don ‘ T have to pay too much attention to that. So now that we have it all setup for the font, size and type, I’m gonna hit ctrl a again, and we want to make sure we set our indentations and our spacings.

We’ll right-click, go to paragraph under indentations and for special. We’re gonna click on first line. We’re, changing it to point two and then, if our spacing, we want to do zero points, zero points and make this single line.

Spacing click, OK and there goes its spaced everything out. The first thing I like to do is set up my title page, so I’m, going to go to the top. I’m gonna click, page break, and then I have another one for my copyright page go to the top and for our title page really gonna keep it super simple.

You don’t need a lot. I’m going to go in and it’s. Just change the font size a bit. Let’s, make a 36. We just gonna put the time. If there was a subtitle, I would include it. The author name left this a little bit smaller, that’s, really all you need and then we will Center.

This maybe add another space. There we go so now we’re gonna go down to our copyright page. What I suggest doing is looking and see what kind of copyright information is included for your particular genre.

I have some normal text that I use, so I’m just gonna clue that here and here let me just up this bit George – I want it smaller than what the normal text size is gonna be so I’ll. Just make it 11 and basically, what you’re gonna include is the title, the subtitle or the series, the copyright date and who it’s copyrighted to and then some kind of blurb as to all rights reserved.

Because this is a fiction book I do have the this is a work of fiction names. Characters places are all fictional. Typically, I will put this at the bottom of the page and above that I will put some kind of call to action.

This particular case I’m, not going to there we go and now here we start our eBook. We want to go in and we want to format. All of our headers highlight the header. I’m, going to select heading 1 and I don ‘

T worry about what heading 1 actually looks like, because KTP is gonna, take care of all that when it uploads it again select a heading 1 in between each heading. We’re, going to insert a page break now.

If you want your headings to be centered, you can go incentive them, and now, after you’ve gone through and selected all of your chapter headings and set them as heading 1, and you’ve included a page break before that particular Chapter then, you’re gonna go back to the top right after your doctorate page and you’re, going to insert another page break.

Now we’ve added the page break. We want to add in our own table of contents. We don’t want to use the table of contents that’s, built into word, because KTP, just doesn’t like it from time to time. So, just to avoid any issues we’re going to make our own.

Basically, you’re just going to type in or copy and paste if you have them somewhere else. The chapter titles and then I’m, going to highlight the first one, which is mourning fires right-click on it link and make sure it says place in this document.

It’s, going to list all the chapter titles that we selected headings. One form so I’m, just gonna click on the first one mourning fires, and there goes it’s. Now. Hyperlinked do this for the next one right, click link worst possible scenarios like after.

Obviously, this book is more chapters than this, but this is just to show you and there we go here’s, our table of contents and we can enter and we can just tie it to a contents. Let’s highlight this change.

The font make it a little bigger. Maybe I want to Center it Center these as well. Just so they look nice. We can increase the font of these like these bigger as well. Now, if there are other items that you want to include in your table of contents, that may not be chapter titles, I’m, going to show you how to do that.

We’re gonna scroll down. Let’s. Just pick this phrase: it doesn’t matter, you can highlight it and then you’re gonna go to insert a bookmark and you can give it a title, no spaces, and so we’re. Just gonna call.

This sub 1 and we’re gonna. Add that and then now let’s scroll back up to my table of contents. I can enter and I’m gonna write sub 1 and it doesn’t have to be the same title matter of fact. I’ll, just subcategory 1, just because I want you to see that doesn’t have to have the exact same title and again, just like we did with the links before i’m gonna highlight it.

I’m gonna right-click. I’m gonna click link and, as you can see before, there was headings now there’s also bookmarks. So I’m just going to click on this bookmark and it will hyperlink me back to that section so again, even if you want to include more things in your table of contents than just your chapter titles, you can do that by using bookmarks.

Now I also suggest, since you spend so much time working on your book, I suggested that you go to the last page. You add a page break and you do and about the author page people want to get to know you so share a little bit about yourself.

I’m, not the author will Center it. You also want to make sure that you include this as a header, because you want it to be in your table of contents, so we’re gonna make this heading 1 this time on the center.

Just because I want you now, if you want to include an image in your ebook, whether it’s for your author page or maybe you’re, doing a children’s picture book and you’ve got You know a lot of images that are in it.

First of all, you want to try to condense your images as much as possible with a paper Bank. You want it to be 300 dpi, so that way it’s. Nice crisp and clean you, don’t need that for an e-book for an e-book anything between 72 dpi and higher is perfectly fine.

So you want to make sure you keep it as low dpi as possible to minimize the file size of your book, the larger your file size, the less profits you’re gonna make on your book to insert an image you’Re just going to click where you want it go to insert pictures there.

We go when you’re ready to export it. You’re, going to go to file export and you’re, going to export it as a PDF. Well, there you have it quick, an easy way to show you how to format your ebook for KDP.

You have any questions drop them in the comments below I’d love to hear from you. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the channel smash that little bell icon, so you get alerted each and every time I put out something new until next time I’m Keith wheeler and remember to write, write you

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