Kindle Direct Publishing Paperback – How To Self Publish A Paperback Book On Amazon

Yo, what’s up guys, so in this video i interview cindy, if you guys enjoyed this piece of content, make sure you guys give this video a thumbs up. What’s going on guys? I have cindy here what’s going on cindy? How are you doing? I’m doing great on this beautiful southern california morning.

How are you doing rj? I’m, doing well doing fabulous uh, my good uh! We’ve, been communicating a lot on clubhouse right and um. Yeah clubhouse is awesome. We’ve, been kind of going back and forth and uh some people are like rj.

Are you gonna record this because i don’t have an android and i can’t, listen in and i’m just like uh. It’s only available for iphone. I’m just like i know i have an android too guys, and i feel you guys on that, because i had to go get an old iphone to get on clubhouse um, but i’m, not sure how what you think about That cindy, what do you think about that? Um? I’m, an iphone person from way way back.

I’m, a mac person from the 90s, so i have only i like to say i don’t do windows because i hate pcs. I just always. I love my imacs and i have loved them for many many many years and so for me an iphone was it was perfect.

Oh great, i have an iphone, no problem. I’ll get on, but i do have a lot of followers that were like um. I don’t. I don’t have an iphone. Can you give me a transcript of the thing and like well? We’re, not allowed to record them.

It’s just live, so it’s very hard to get the content from clubhouse and transfer it so that other people can can see it. So that’s a hard point, but but it is in beta right now, so eventually i’m sure they will open it up to other phones, androids and yeah.

They’re better. They’re messing. They’re messing the market right there and i think someone’s. Gon na come in someone’s, gonna come in right there and take advantage of that if they see that opportunity so um yeah.

So how’d? You get started selling online cindy that’s, a very long story, so uh. I i started off as a software engineer that’s. My background what i went to college for i spent 13 years working as a software engineer on the space station project at uh.

What was the mcdonnell douglas and is now boeing? It’s. Where i met my husband and in 2002, i became pregnant with monoamniotic twins, which are very high risk type of twins where they’re in the same amniotic stack.

So the cords get all tangled together and knotted and it was super high risk, and so i just decided at that point to retire from my job as a software engineer and stay home with my kids, i had two older kids at the time.

I had three older kids at the time and that that was fun for a while, but um when they got a little bit older. The twins, i decided to start a scrapbooking business for twins, because i was an advent scrapbooker and at the time there were no scrapbooking products for twins.

So i created a line of papers and stickers and a bunch of other stuff related to twins and started that business and somewhere on the line. I discovered cafe press and so i started doing twins related t-shirts and mugs and stuff like that.

That was probably oh gosh. I don’t, know maybe 14 or 15 years ago. It was a long time ago and then at some point i got recruited over to zazzle back when zazel first started to move my store all over to there.

So i did that and then i tend to get bored with things and i started a photography business somewhere along the line and kind of the pod kind of went by the side for a while, and then i heard about merch by amazon and applied for that And got that store, and then i got all interested again in pod yeah and then from all the merch groups, that’s, how i discovered kdp and started uploading books for kdp, so that’s kind of how i ended up doing This i never knew that cindy by the way, and i just like it’s, always um.

I find it like very entertaining because, like i enjoy this part of it like the story and stuff like that, because technically you you, like you were here like before me, you’re. You’re kind of old school with it right and i i feel like i.

I can learn something from you right, so this is really cool and obviously it we can all learn something from you and – and i think that’s, that’s. Amazing, because cafe press like, like you go on cafe press now.

It’s like ah it’s. Okay, that’s all right. It’s, not like that. No more make a handful of money. Every month off, cafe person i haven’t touched it in a decade. You know i still get probably not a lot.

It’s, it’s, two digits, but yeah it’s. Free money – and i don’t – have to do anything and it comes in every month so and for zazzle too i haven’t uploaded anything to zazzle in probably a decade either, and i still get money from them.

Well, there was a point where cafe press at one time was at the top right and it was like they were at the top and they um. I think they made a huge mistake when they changed their compensation policy.

The way they paid you because before you could set the amount you wanted like say, i want two dollars for this t-shirt every time this t-shirt says i want two dollars and then they change it. So if the person went directly to your store inside, cafe, press and bought it, you get the two dollars, but if they bought it searching in cafe price you get like 20 cents and that’s.

When i said i’m out, i’ve, never put anything up again on cafe price. It’s, not worth my time and that’s when i started focusing on zazzle but yeah. At the time cathy press was at the top yeah now um and then just just going forward to forward uh kdp is like.

I feel it’s, a better opportunity me personally than merch, and how like, how did that get started with kdp like what was the journey behind that, and what did you do like? Did you take your t-shirt, design and put it over on a kdp book, or what did you do right there? I i did.

I did at the very beginning um when i first found out about you know. Of course, i joined all the the kdp groups and to try to learn what to do, and there was a bunch of these so-called gurus telling you to take your t-shirt, design slap that on a cover and put it on a line journal yeah and you can Bet you can guess how well that went.

Yeah cricket, so i’m like this – is not gonna work very well. So then i started um because i’ve used photoshop for well also since the 90s. I know how to use photoshop, so i created a highly targeted sort of an interior design page and then i’m like well.

I don’t want to cut and paste this 100 times, so i created a tool to do that. For me, using my software background to do that for me automatically, i just put it in. I drag it in and boom. Now i’ve got 100 pages with that one page that’s kind of how my ojudu business started was from from that.

But and so i started evolving and learning what does sell and doesn’t sell. So the highly targeted book that i created it sold like that first week, so i’m like okay, i’m onto something here now i’m getting cells.

This is, this is what you need to do, and i still didn’t have the cover thing down right, because i had um taken a design from um a t-shirt and just stuck it on the cover and it was still selling. But i i’ve, learned from that.

You know how to make my covers better, how to make them more attractive, how to make them stand out to get more sales, and it’s, interesting that you say that too, but because i i feel like your t-shirt, design can work on a On a cover of a book right because it can make people laugh right and it makes it entertaining to have that type of book right.

But the interior is like it plays a big role right, who you’re targeting and stuff like that, and also to creating less competition for yourself, and i think it’s. A big thing – and i i just because you put your t-shirt design on up cover, but you have a unique interior and your audience thinks the cover’s.

Funny it’s like boom. It’s, a cell right yeah. Exactly and the key is like we were talking about on compass the other day. The key is your customer avatar and knowing exactly who it is that you’ve created this book for because you’re, going to know what resonates with them.

You’re, going to know what what they find funny and what they’re going to be attracted to for your cover. But you’re, also going to know how to create that interior. That’s, going to help them do whatever it is that they do and that there is the key that there’s, all right uh.

So what is your favorite thing to do with kdp, like out of everything that you’ve done so far uh? What’s, the the funnest thing that they entertain? I know you, you love coloring books. I don’t like doing that’s, not my thing, so i think everyone needs to find what is their thing? What is the thing that they like doing? I like creating books that help people solve problems, so i’ve, been getting more into creating more sort of medium content, type books where you you give people instructions on how to do whatever it is.

They’re, doing like um, you’re talking about soap, making the other day. So using that example, you would have front what it’s called front manner, pages that go and tell people how to make different types of soaps, how to use essential oils.

Yeah i don’t, know anything about soap making, but how to use essential oils how to put flowers inside of them. I don’t, know whatever it is that you do with with soap making but and then you have maybe in fact different types of soap making.

So if you want to make them with essential oils here’s, how to do that, and here’s, some pages to help you track you doing that, and here’s, some on using different types of stuff, like i Said i don ‘

T really know how to do so. You know to show them all the different types of things you can do in making soap, and you make a book like that. That provides lots of value to people who don ‘ T know anything about it, but want to get into say the soap making business and then it’s.

An added value to you. You can take all of those how-to pages and stick them together in an e-book and put that up on kindle unlimited and link to your your physical book with pages that help them keep track of the soap making experiences that they’ve.

Had, for example, and and put that on kindle unlimited and a lot of people will borrow it for free, see your other book and then go buy your other book, so it’s almost like free advertising for your other book.

Plus you get. You get money when they read pages inside that book. From kindle unlimited, i haven’t haven’t even touched that at all and and and i’m, pretty sure there’s. Some good insight that you can share with us about that um you! I it’s, crazy, because you said that you don’t like really don’t, know nothing about like soul making.

I i really don’t know too much about it. Neither but when i started learning about it right once you start that’s great, because we have everything at our fingertips right now right just because you don’t know nothing about it.

Doesn’t mean you can’t, learn about it right. You can literally learn how to make create a soap interior book or interior today, like if you just took the time to go, do the research and start searching online and seeing what’s going on right, exactly it’s, all you Know because the books, the people that do 10 more work, are 90 more successful than everyone else.

So if you actually spend the time to dive deep into whatever niche it is you’re trying to create for and you get inside it you. You learn about it, you google, it you know. How do you do that? Okay, what problems do people have? How can i help these problems get in groups and talk with the people about the problems they have and the types of things that they wish? They knew more about, and that gives you the insight and the knowledge you need to go forward and create very successful books in that niche, because you’re going to know exactly what these people want.

It’s, an amazing time. We live in right now, really awesome. Oh, it is uh the kdp. I mean the um kindle unlimited part. Have you used that strategy before, where you link it to your? I have a paperback okay, how’s that working? How’s? That working out for you, how’s that been working good because because you’ll, see um.

I like using book report uh, so you’ll, see on book report that you have people reading the pages of that book. It shows up how many pages they read, so you’ll know that people borrow the book and they’re reading the book and then a couple days later, you’ll, see a cell for the the paperback that you Have talked about in that book because the great thing about the ebooks is, you can actually include links, so you can include a link that all they have to do is click on it and it poof it pops up your book and then it makes it super Easy for them to um purchase it, for example, because i’ll just say you can also use that to create lead magnets on your website for that niche and collect their people’s.

Email addresses because you you don’t, get their email addresses from from amazon, of course, but you can. This is gives you a way where they can click get something that’s useful to them, and you get their email address.

That’s very powerful because it’s like and it’s. Easy because you’re kind of like getting two parts of the customer right. You’re, getting the the ebook customer and then you’re, getting the paperback cut like converting them over into a paperback customer, which is helping the book rank more on amazon yeah.

Exactly exactly. I think it’s. A wonderful strategy for people to use it’s great. It does require a little bit more work because you do have to research and find out all this great information that you can share with with the people in that niche.

But it’s, well worth it in the end, because you’re. Providing value and people are gonna gonna love that and they’re gonna eat that up and then they’re gonna buy everything you have okay, um. So, as a beginner, if you took an approach to kdp right now, how would you start? I would not create a single line journal um.

I i think there’s. That market is completely saturated right now, don’t waste. Your time doing that i mean, i still see some people advocating people go put up 10 to 100 of those just to get started, and i think you’re wasting your time.

Don’t do that. Instead, i would start with something that you know something that you’re, passionate about something you have a lot of experience about, or perhaps something you want to learn more about like if you want to go, learn about soap making.

Maybe that’s, a toby. You want to get into and use the knowledge that you have to help. You create books to help other people in that niche, be successful and reach their goals. Yeah um, that’s, a that’s, the thing too, as well like creating.

If someone’s having a problem and you’re, creating the solution for it in the book, it’s, an easy way to make a sale, and i think that pretty much applies to anything right. Yeah, definitely yeah, yeah! No matter what business you’re in kind of like yeah.

No, i think it’s. Uh it’s. It’s. It’s. A really amazing, like that’s at the very beginning, too. I did that, where i put over like a thousand books up in a week and and and that’s when they put the limit on how many books you can upload in a week.

But i did at the beginning, put all my t-shirt designs up on the covers and it’s like dude, i have like three thousand books up and i’m only making like two sales from them. I was like this doesn’t work.

This is not doesn’t. Make no sense. Can i go back and delete all those please? I’m going to do this again. You can’t delete them. You can unpublish them, but they never go away, but the crazy thing is, though, is it’s like like you, can see like self-awareness right? If you see that and it’s, not working there’s, obviously something wrong with it, so you can fix it.

It’s, not too late to you know what i mean to like fix it, because it’s wasting your time. It feels like you could go. You can always go edit, the covers and the interior of any of those books that you are of any of those thousands of books.

You already have right now and turn it into something more useful. If you don’t want to or just keep putting up new books um with uh kdp, what’s, the biggest struggle that you have had so far, probably my biggest struggle is focusing on one thing, because i have just way too Many ideas of you know i have a whole list of different books.

I want to do so. For me, it’s like okay, which one do i want to do first, which one do i think is going to be most successful and just sitting down and doing the one thing and not jumping all over, because it’s really Easy to jump all over, you know just focusing getting all the way through one book before i start another one that’s, a it’s kind of like the sh.

I think that’s like the shiny object syndrome, when it comes to individual right and yeah, we all we all do that, but it’s just be, i think it’s just because of the creative mindset right. You get so excited to work on one thing and then you go over to another and then another you’re like wait up.

I didn’t finish this one thing i got ta go back and finish this um yeah yeah. That’s, a great idea. Oh, this is a great idea. No, i’ll say so. I kind of like i thought about it right now. I can ‘

T ask you about the biggest struggle that i asked you about. The biggest struggle that you had, what’s, the biggest accomplishment that you have had um, i think getting getting the uh the ebook to go with the mean incoming book and figuring that all out and getting that stuff to become really good.

Um. That, like getting the little best seller new bestseller check mark thing, you know the little badge that says: hey. You know that’s, always exciting. When you see that like yes, i nailed it, i got the best summer thing.

You know. I think that’s, always fun. When you see that yeah, that’s uh. No that i think that’s, really cool because it’s like a big like you feel good inside right and you’re like i can create another one of these.

I know it and uh. I i think it’s. It’s, it’s, really really cool when it comes to that stuff, are you um? Are you running? Are you running any ams ads to any of your books at all? I have been. I have been taking um just this year because because i, i being the engineer, i want to learn everything about something before i start spending my money.

So i’ve, been doing a lot of research into the sort of best practices for it, and i’ve, been taking my best-selling books and doing ads on those yeah, and i have seen a an increase in the sales for those Books so it’s.

I must be doing something right, because it does seem to be driving more books into to being sold yeah that’s. That’s interesting because it’s. Just i i feel like. Sometimes, though it’s like a little bit off it, doesn’t track it.

I’m like. Why is this book? No, it doesn’t chuck it right yeah. It gets irritates me i’m like yeah, because that’s. Why? I i ignore their numbers and look at the book report, because i’m like well. I’m, seeing a bunch of sales for this book.

They’re, saying we sold two from the ads, but like okay, well, whatever it must be working because i’m selling a lot of these books. Now. Do you uh, would you do you keep it running after it makes sales and stuff like that? What are you, what’s, your yeah, i yeah right now.

I i the ones i have up right now. I have run forever on them because they seem to have been working well, but at the beginning you know i kind of want to test it out for a couple of weeks to make sure that it’s, not costing me too much money or Not getting me any sales, and once i’m, confident that it’s like at the sweet spot, where i’m, not spending a lot of money, but getting a lot of sales, and i just turned it on for Forever and just leave it and i check it every so often just to make sure i’m, not getting.

You know a bunch of like going over my budget and stuff like that, and what i want um your top selling book on your account. How many, how many reviews does it have if you don’t mind me asking you know, i am not a go.

Looking reviewers person? No, you know, i probably should i actually have no idea because, okay, i mean i probably should so. I can maybe go look and fix the problems, but um. I know i have reviews. I know most of them are are good, because occasionally i will look, but i really have no idea how many of the times, how many it has yeah um like when it comes to reviews.

I see some people in the community, like this person, gave me a bad review because, like the printing, wasn’t correct or something like that, and it’s like what can i do to fix it? There’s? Nothing! You can do nothing, you just got ta, you know, leave it up there and and hope for the best make a version part two of it or something um any strategies.

When it comes to let’s, say you have a top selling book in a niche right um what what’s, the strategy behind that? Do you create more in that niche to make more sales, or or or what’s? The idea behind that i do so when i find that i seem to have nailed the one book.

Then i take the ideas from that book and try to create maybe different types of books in that particular niche. So if i did a log book that was really successful and i know what it was and that that that kind of resonated with the the target audience then i could maybe go and create a planner to that same that same niche.

You know so try to create different types of low content books for the same particular niche there. There are some people that, like to take the same interior and then just flap another cover on it yeah i don ‘

T really recommend that i recommend you find maybe a sub niche to target and then so. For example, if you’re, doing um preschool moms, you could and you had a generic preschool mom book. Then you could niche that down by doing a preschool.

Mom for a boy’s book and then make your cover of that. But then also go look at your text and how can you, instead of having child switch it to boy or you know something like that, so it that your interior reflects this sub niche, that your cover is talking about that’s.

Another way you can can further further nail that niche yeah um you also too you, i think it’s just yeah, because you get like a ton of data from that book selling already, and i think one of the biggest mistakes people make is One they because i’ve made it myself too.

Personally. This is why i say it um, you see like a book selling over and over, and you’re, getting a ton of data right and you’re, seeing that it’s like there’s, a demand In this niche for this book, at that point, you’re, like in competition with yourself, and you’re like okay.

Now, how can i beat myself by making an even better book and one of the ways i recommend is looking at reviews and and seeing what they’re saying and what you can do, what you can do to be better than yourself yeah? That’s.

True and um also start thinking about building a brand for that niche, so that you create books that are different enough, that the same person is going to want to buy all of the books that you’re. Creating for that particular niche yeah, okay, you um, because you said something about book report.

Is that similar to like uh the author central kind of part of it um it’s? It’s. A third party um website that you just i just like the way it displays the data, the kdp book, selling data yeah um it. It has a lot of nice features and it’s free.

Unless until you have, i forget, like a thousand books a month, i forget what the number it’s free up to a certain amount per month, and then they start charging you for it. But i it’s. I think it’s, just bookreport.

com um. I can double check that okay and then um. What do you, author? Central? Have you um? Have you made any like uh, like brands back there and stuff, like that, with author central yeah, i have um it’s called getbookreport.

com by the way, but if you just put type that in it’ll go to it um. I do i have um a number of different author central accounts related to a couple different brands. I have websites for those brands um one of the fun things about author central is that you can pull in those web posts, so it ‘

Ll show your blog posts in your author central. If you connect up your your website to it so that’s kind of a fun feature that they have and also pulls all your books together. So people who liked your one book can maybe go and buy another one of your books in that same niche yeah.

So i really recommend doing the author central yeah, author central is uh really cool like i never knew about it. The first like three months and i was like dude – where’s, this been the whole time it’s like it’s.

Really it’s, a really amazing hunt and i think it’s. Underutilized, where it’s, so much information, so much value back there and you can just track everything. It’s easier, like on your brain right. Instead of going all over the place and looking here looking there, you just go to author central yeah and they’ll, give you a ton of information yeah it’s, a great great resource that kdp offers for, for its authors, definitely Use it all right, um, any tips that you would like to share with anybody watching um this video anything to add to what you already add to what you already added my number one tip.

Is everybody’s, always asking about keywords, so i think one of the reason a lot of people have trouble coming up with keywords is because they don’t know who they created their book for they don’t know What purpose their book serves, and so they’re just trying to find an audience that will buy this book, so they’re kind of they’re approaching it sort of backwards.

So i recommend you flip that, on the other flip that around and before you ever start creating a book identify exactly who it is that i’m, creating this book for that’s, your customer avatar. And why is it that anyone would want to buy this book yeah and if you once you figure that out, it makes it so much easier to come up with keywords, because then you, you’re.

You’re inside the mind of the person who’s, going to buy your book and you’re, going to better, be able to figure out what they’re, going to type to search for your book. I 100 agree with you right there.

It makes it so much easier when you understand who you’re targeting and who you’re, creating the book for because you have a better insight of everything right and it’s. Something then you know why you made the sale that’s, why i made the sale, because i’m targeting this person and i know what they want so now, um cindy.

Where can people follow you um? You can join my strategies for profitable low content books group on facebook and i have a website called a a-u-d-u-d-u um, which provides tools to help low content book creators create their books.

So we have puzzle tools, ledger tools, planner tools, a bunch of resources. So you can download, like transparent ping guides for your covers, and your interiors and merge pdfs together there’s, so many things on here i can’t even listen to it, but um.

If you use coupon code cindy, it’ll get 10 off. If you want to try it out, okay, all right um! I think that’s going to do it make sure you guys give this video a thumbs up. If you guys got any value out of it, of course, and then uh please check out my next videos up here.

Thank you.


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