DON’T Make These Mistakes as a KDP Low Content Book Publisher (Increase Your Royalty Income)

I’m, going to give you the top 5 mistakes. I see people making with their KDP books and particular low content books that’s, stopping them from making sales. So if you want to make sales or you’re, not making sales with your books and you want to make more money with them, then make sure you watch the whole video.

Now, if you haven’t been here before my name’s Paul miles, and I do videos on how to make it to keep it and great and that’s. Your money I’m talking about and if you do like videos like that, then give it a thumbs up, hit the subscribe button and smash that notification bell to receive notification of.

When I do more videos like this and also turn notifications on, because you won’t get notifications just by turning the bell on so grab yourself, a notebook and pen cup of coffee or tea, and make some notes on these five important factors that I I see poor people making mistakes with that’s impeding or preventing them from making sales.

Now it’s, a common question I get in the comments you know I’ve produced half a dozen books hundred books and I’m, not making any sales. What’s? The problem? Well, just from the information that I get given, it’s impossible, because there are a number of areas where mistakes are commonly made.

And I’m going to go through those now, so that you can look at your books, particularly not making sales and try and address some of those mistakes and and hopefully just just tune your books up a bit.

If you like and start getting those sales first thing is spelling mistakes. Now, spelling mistakes can occur on the cover in the interior or in the title and subtitle. Now I appreciate a lot of people Lert producing these books.

A lot of you guys, don’t, have English as your first language. So in that case it’s, quite easy to make spelling mistakes and it’s completely understandable. But when your market is the US, Canada and UK, which are the three biggest markets, then things like spelling become a big factor and I’ve, seen it myself.

When I’ve been on to Amazon and I ‘ Ve looked at books as soon as you see a spelling mistake on the cover, or particularly in the title. It just puts people off straightaway and it’s very difficult to make sales because it doesn’t, give out the sense of quality.

So what I would do is just double check. Your spelling run it through a spellcheck, even if Sonia phone or or go into Google, or just compare those words to other listings that are in your niche and just make sure that’s.

That’s. Correct! Because if you do have a spelling mistake, the chance of you making a sale are very slim. The next factor is the cover. Now the covers are very important because when someone does a search on Amazon, what comes up is a list of books and it’s.

Those covers that people look at straight away. It’s, the covers that attract the customers eye. So what I say is do covers that are in keeping with the niche that you’re targeting so, for instance, say you’ve got a business niche and a gratitude journal niche, for example.

Now a business book are often very plain black. A bold white font gratitude journal that type of book meditation journals. They’re, often sort pastel, colors flowery designs and nice cursive font to cursive fonts as a handwriting type font.

So be no point in say producing that the gratitude journal type design and doing that as a business book, because people are in the market for that particular book expect a particular type of cover and are not in general gonna buy that cover.

You might make one or two sales, but in general, that’s, not going to happen so keep the cover appropriate to your niche and just do a search through the niches. Put your keywords into the Amazon search bar: get an idea jot down the colors jot down the type of font that’s, that’s used and that’s.

The other thing on the font again use an appropriate font but also make the font readable. I often see books where the font is way too small and you can’t, read it or it’s done in a color that doesn’t stand out from the the main-course on the book.

Again is unreadable and it puts people off also one once more thinks I’ve. Having a discussion about this today with a friend and that’s using colors that are appropriate to that to the book so say is something like a gratitude journal, a prayer journal, a meditation journal.

Now those sorts of journals usually give off the area of calmness. So if you was to shut your eyes and just think about an image of calmness, what comes to mind now, a lot of people say things like a beach sort of scene and what colors you’re, getting a beach sort of scene while blues Pale blues, creams, yellows so think about the colors.

You’re using. So if you had a gratitude journal, it was bright, reds and bright greens. Okay may stand out, may look different, but it’s not in keeping and it doesn’t give off the overall message that you tried to get with a particular book like that.

So colors are important. Look at the niche you’re. Targeting now I did have someone recently. They said done my first book. It’s, a coloring book and I’m, not making any sales after two weeks. First of all, just as a side note, two weeks is not long enough for all of your books.

You need to give around about three months. I’ve had many a book that I’ve listed and nothing happens until about the three month mark, and I think that’s, because it takes time for Amazon to index your book work out what keywords should be Associated with your your book, so don’t expect a sale straight away.

Yes, if you’re lucky and I’ve had this, if published in a book sale the next day that’s unusual, so make sure you give me three months so that’s. Just a little side. Note the niche is important, so this person who produce their first book it was a coloring book.

I went along and had a look at it in the title. It just had coloring book and it had a few other words of comment, but it was in the subtitle and the problem was obvious. They were going for a niche that was far to compare, particularly if you’re starting out.

Go for less competitive niches, learn this craft. Okay, learn what works improve your your design skills. Now, if we do go across to Amazon, I ‘ Ll show you what the problem is and we put in coloring book now.

If we look at the top left here, we ‘ Ve got a volume of a hundred and thirty five thousand searches per month on Google. I’ve, got they’ve got these figures from a chrome plug-in that I have called keywords everywhere and you have to pay as it’s about ten dollars to get these additional details.

So one hundred thirty five thousand searches per month on Google, so it’s very popular, but look at the search results on Amazon. Eighty thousand search results. So if you’re going for coloring book is your main keyword in the title of your book.

You’re, going to be competing with eighty thousand other books. The chances of you ranking on the first page, for that keyword is very slim. The only way you could possibly succeed with that really ticket, if you’re starting out, is by doing sponsored ads Amazon ads, but for something like this is so competitive.

You’re, probably gonna end up paying a lot of money. So unless you’re, really confident on your design skills for the cover in the interior, then you know UN. You’re, probably going to end up wasting money on ads, but without ads you’re, not going to rank for this okay, so you need to start looking at niching down and the way to do that is to you know, go To the search bar put in coloring book, look at these suggestions here.

The amazon give you, on the left hand, side gives you longtail keywords that are less competitive, but even so these are likely to be competitive. I’ve got another plug-in called am said. Suggestion expander gives these keywords on the right-hand side.

Here again, you can look at those as lower competitive keywords, put those into the Amazon search bar and see what search results come in now. I rarely go for keywords that come up with thousand or more search results on Amazon, so I’m, looking at keywords with thousand search results or less in order to give myself a good chance of ranking on the first page now just assign.

I do in my gum road shop. I put the link below and do sell a list of coloring book keywords as Lots there with lots of lower competitive keywords. If you are interested in getting into this niche, if you’re, just starting out, go for a lower competitive Nisha recently did a video on log books, which i think is an ideal niche, because there’s, so many different types.

So many different types with low competition that are still selling well and they’re easy to produce. I’ll, leave the link above ok. So the next thing is price. Don’t out price yourself from the market.

Go to the first page of Amazon, put in the keyword that you’re, going to be targeting look at the books that come up and look at the prices of those books. Add them all together, divide by the number get the average price or if you want to be even quicker, you could install something like a unicorn smasher, which is a free chrome plug-in, which I’ve got here, and if we look here, it will Give you the average price of the books, and that gives you a good baseline to target the problem.

I see is say the books, an average price of the ones that sell is $ 6.99 $ 7.99 on yourself. Unless that cover design is really spot-on. You’re gonna be pushed to get the sales. Likewise for pricing, your books, very low people, often say right.

I’m gonna go for a low price undercut everyone. I’m gonna make sales, often that doesn’t work also because when people see books that are a lot cheaper, they often think that the book itself is cheap and not good quality, so you lose out there.

So just go for something that’s, the average price. The next thing I see, which comes in part of the cover design, is the font and how the font is so important. One people often use fonts are too small on the front, so you can’t read them, you know.

When people go and look at books on Amazon, they said the cover the that stands out and if they can’t read or it looks too small again it puts a lot of people off or using a color that doesn’t Stand out, sometimes you might see a white font and on a light cream background again, you can’t, read it doesn’t stand out and it puts people off, but also use a font that’s appropriate to the The niche or the genre of book, so I used the example earlier something like a gratitude journal which may have a handwritten type cursive font.

If you go and use something like a cursive font on it on a business-related book, it’s, not in keeping and it just subconsciously. It puts people off because this book is not in keeping with what they’re expecting so again, just look at books are selling look at the style of fonts, the type of font they’re using, and they come in two to Three basic types: the serif font, the non-serif font and the cursive handwriting type font.

So it’s. Really it’s relatively simple. You can keep it simple and just look at what other books in your genre or nisha using and use a similar sort of font don’t, try and invent the wheel. Don’t try and make something that’s.

You know trying to make a statement this, that’s. Outstanding is going to catch people’s eye. Yes, it will catch. People’s eye, but often you won’t make sales, and I know, for a lot of people are trying to create something that’s, completely different use of the books for inspiration and try and create something a bit Different, but in that particular style, so those are the five mistakes.

Let’s, make sure I’ve covered them here. The spelling, the niche cover design, the price and the font address those things before writing. In the comments I’ve made a hundred books. I’ve, not sold any.

What am I doing wrong? It’s impossible for me to tell you, because I don’t know all the details. I don’t know all your books. There’s, so many different factors, but just look at those factors go through them see if you can address them and hopefully by doing that, you’ll, make more sales so hope you did enjoy the video.

If you did give it a thumbs up, it helps more people see the video make sure you hit. The subscribe button smash that notification about and until next time, goodbye


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