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In this video I’m gonna show you guys how to create three different fun. Trending comic book interiors, which you can upload onto the kindle direct publishing platform to sell on Amazon, serve you haven’t, been here before my name is Rory, and I run this channel called mr.

Rosa and in today’s. Video. We’re gonna be looking at the Amazon KDP business, but before we get into that, can I just urge you guys to like and subscribe means the absolute world to me really helps out the channel, and I think we’re.

Almost reaching 300 subscribers, so we are getting closer to that 1,600 there they want to create their own comics for themselves by adding their own drawings and speech bubbles and all that kind of stuff.

So today I’m gonna show you guys three different ones, which you can add to your KDP business and hopefully make many sales, and actually, I’m gonna leave a free download to download all these three interiors.

I’m gonna leave them completely free for you guys, but if you would like to leave a small donation of just $ 1, that would be greatly appreciated, really really help support the channel and pushes me to do more.

Videos like this. For you guys, so let’s, just jump straight into computer and see how well these books are doing and what their BS our own kids. So if we go onto Amazon here, as you can see, I’ve gone into the.

How to create comics category – and there is many many books here and let’s – just have a look at the bestsellers rank for some of these. So if we go on to this one, it is a blank comic book draw your own comics.

150 pages of fun and unique templates, and if we have a scroll down to the bestsellers rank of that it has a better rank of 1622. So we’ve. We put if we put that in here 1622 just calculate sales. We get one thousand five hundred and fifty two sales per month, so that is making a good amount of sales and if we have a look at the other ones, if we go to number two in help create comics category and let’s.

Just have a quick look inside to see what kind of into they’re using. So, as you can see, they’re, just very, very simple boxes, which I’m, going to show you how to create later on. In this video in Adobe Illustrator – and I think, are they using different styles.

No, I mean this guy isn’t even using different styles, to mix it up, just very simple, shaped boxes, and if we once again scroll down to have a look at the bestsellers rank for this, it also has a bestsellers rank of inside the Top 2,000 1761 swiftly Tyler in 1761 and then calculate the sales, is making one thousand four hundred and sixty one set was per month.

So, as you can see, there is many many different types of comic books. They are very popular niche, but this is where again you can niche down, so you can make a cartoon. You could add in your title, cartoon comic book creator or making faces comic book creator, which is great here or an animal comic book.

Anything anything you would want really you can make. There are so many different sub Nisha’s. You can create with this. So I’m just gonna look at this last one at number. Three. It has one thousand two hundred and forty six reviews and if we have a looked at bestsellers ranked for this is two thousand two hundred and twenty so tiger in here, two thousand two hundred and twenty calculator sales 1230 a month.

So these are very, very high. Rated books, and, once again, like I’ve, said in my other videos. Activity books are very trending thing at the moment. So something like this where people are doing drawing and trying to occupy themselves.

They are very, very popular at this moment in time and they always have been really because comics have always been a thing. Kids have been interested in and yes I mean, I would definitely recommend you guys to get into so I’m just going to jump straight into adobe illustrator and we’re going to create a new template.

So in my other videos, I’ve demonstrated how, when you’re, creating a interior with bleed such as a line paper where it ‘ Ll go right to the edges. It will be six point, one two, five inches by nine point, two five, however, because this one is just boxes and it’s not going right to the edges.

It is gonna be six by nine inches, as there is no bleed on it. So if we just go and click create, we’re, going to start with the first interior that we’re going to make so the way I’m going to make this.

So I’m, just gonna simply get the box the box tool and just create a simple comic like shape. So if I just select that and go on to the Select tool, I’m just gonna click, command C and then command V, and I’m gonna drag that up next to it, leaving a space between it.

So that looks good for me and then once again, if I click come on V of the pasted boxes and then drag that up and match up the width. So as you can see it’s, not quite similar on both sides. So I’m going to do.

Is I’m just gonna select the whole thing and just hold shift to keep the size the same and just make it slightly smaller. Then I’m, going to simply drag it into the center and, as you can see, we have our first three boxes.

So the way I’m going to make the next six boxes is by just highlighting all of these pink command. C and then command V again and just dragging down to a size which I think is necessary, so keep dragging down, and these are going to go right in the center once again.

Click command V and just drag down another set of boxes until we have the desired width between them. So if we just have a zoom out, as you can see, we have our nine boxes, but I don’t it to get cut off on these sides like around this area here.

So I’m, just gonna select them all and make it just a bit smaller. So there is a bit of space on the outside, so it doesn’t, get cut off when Amazon come to shape the interior. So this is our first interior and, as you can see, it is very, very simple, but it’s, something that’s very, very popular with kids, ranging from all ages really from about 8 to 18.

They’re. Very very good, and we’re just gonna leave that there for now and we’re gonna move on to creating the and interior. So if I just go file new – and it should already have the six by nine inch – template open just wait for that to load and there we have it there’s six by nine inches.

So I’m gonna click create and the second one we’re going to do is a bit different. We’re gonna have like two large boxes across the top and the bottom, and then the three small boxes in the middle. So the way I’m going to create this just to keep the sizes.

The same is I’m gonna select the first three from my previous interior then go over to here and click command V and I’m gonna leave those there, because that is the center point, and that is what it’s, going to be in the middle for our one, and then I’m, going to select these command C command V and then drag that to the top.

And, as you can see, we have the similar sort of interior to the first one. But a difference here is that I’m gonna get the rectangle tool and just drag over one large box over these three and they have.

It is created a large box which is same size as the three singular boxes, just as one big one and there I know there is many different ways you could go about creating this, but this is just my personal favorite is very easy for me and it’s, yeah very, very simple, so I’m gonna once again select that box click command, C command V and just drag that down below the middle three.

So now we have our second comic book interior and mean personally, I think that is looking good day, something that I would recognize inside a comic book and you can create like large landscape drawings.

Then three smaller drawings, then another large landscape and you can add your own speech bubbles into it and also when I upload these, for you guys to download, I’m gonna make it so you are able to edit them themselves.

So if you don’t like anything that I’ve done with this interior, you can change it to. However, you want moving on to our third interior. Once again, let’s. Go over to file then new, and then we’re gonna go and select our 6 by 9 inch.

Template click create and the way we’re going to do this is we’re, going be doing two sort of medium sized boxes at the top to medium at the bottom and just our large landscape, one in the middle. So to start off, let’s, create our middle box.

So let’s just go over to our large landscape. One click command C, then command V, and it is now central. So then, what I’m going to do is I’m, going to go over to this box tool and I’m just going to drag down where it intersects with the middle box and just drag a sort of Medium-Sized box there so just do it.

You feel that is right. So for me that feels good and I’m, going to go over to the box tool again and just get the particular distance that you want and just drag a sort of a similar size, but slightly bigger.

So it doesn ‘ T. Look exactly the same and yeah there you have it. So I’m just gonna adjust this. However, I want so. I’m just gonna make that a bit smaller, maybe a bit larger until you have something that you like.

So I’m very happy with that, and then all you’ve got to do simply is all copy that and then paste it down here, just drag it in to the left corner and then copy that one and paste it down Here and there you have it – that is your third comic book interior.

So now, when it comes to making a hundred and twenty page interior of that, for me, I would use keynote. There is many different software’s. You can use such as PowerPoint, and I don ‘ T really know a huge range of them, but there is many many different ones you can use.

So what you’re gonna do. Is you’re gonna go over an open keynote and then create a new blank basic white document, so click create there and I’m just gonna make that a bit smaller and out a bit. So I can see the whole thing: oh and then, as you can see, is not the correct size.

Yet so what you’re gonna want to do is, go to document and then slide size click on that. Then custom slide size. So once again, like you’ve, seen in my other videos, it is in points we ‘ Ve got ta, convert the inches to points.

So if you go into Google Chrome, add a new slide, so six inches in points they equals. Four hundred and thirty-two points so select that copy that go back into keynote paste it and then once again, with the nine inches, so nine equals six hundred and forty eight points so back back into keynote and just paste that there and it should come out like A notebook interior size – yes, it has so just zoom out a bit and then, unlike other ones, because there is no bleed all you’re gonna want to do is go over to illustrator and we’re gonna start off.

With our first one and just select everything copy that and then go back into keynote and just paste it and, as you can see, it is come out with our nine boxes for a comic book interior. So if you wanting to make a hundred and twenty pages out of that, all you do is copy this slide and then just paste it and just keep pasting until you get a hundred and twenty pages.

So basically, what you do is you just follow this same procedure with these two other comic book interiors, and it would just be very simple and I’m gonna leave it all in the description for you guys.

So I’m. Going to leave a an adobe illustrator file, which you can edit and I’m gonna leave three 120 page PDF interiors, which you can upload straightaway onto Amazon, and what’s, going to be highly appreciated? If you left a small donation of around one dollar it be, it would mean a lot to me.

So I hope you guys found that video useful. If you have any questions for me, leave them in the comments below and let me know if you use any of my interiors and if there are selling at all, because I know this is very popular niche and I’m.

Confident you guys could make some good money out of this, so if you did enjoy make sure you like and hit that subscribe, button means the world to me. Doesn’t. Take you half second to do and well, I hope see you the next.

One, if you have any interiors you want me to do, leave that in the comments below I’m, looking to make a sort of series out of this, where I can create sorts of different interiors for you guys to download for free.

So I hope seeing the next one and goodbye [ Music, ]


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