How to Make Your Own Spiral Planner | DIY Tutorial!

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If you haven’t already, I know you won ‘ T regret it. So thank you again for stopping by and let’s. Go ahead and jump into today’s, video okay! So today I’ve got for you. What I’m, considering to be the mother of all planner videos.

This is going to be a how to make your own spiral planner. This is a DIY tutorial. Yes, it is possible. You can make your own spiral planner, and let me show you guys quickly what I’m talking about. So you understand what we’re going to be making today.

So what we’ve got here is a hard book bound style spiral. Planner we ‘ Ve got a wire spiral here: okay, to hold the whole thing together, we’ve got a book like cover custom front and back hard bound book cover that I’ve, created with a matte laminate sort of finish on it and even Got these really cute little corners, these little silver corners on the four corners of the planner and inside? I have my charmed life 2016 planner inserts as well as a few other inserts from my shop, and so this is like, like I have written here, my charmed life 2016 planner.

This is going to be my planner for 2016. I’m, so excited so I know a lot of you are interested in spiral planners. I know I’m, not someone who’s normally into spiral planners mostly because they’re, not really customizable.

Right until now, until now, when I can make my own and I can utilize the convenience of a spiral, but it’s completely personalized to me inside, because I’ve put this bad boy together. So if you’re, someone who is into DIY in their planner like creating their own planner or you’re, someone who loves a spiral and would love to customize their own spiral or even if you’re, someone who Wants to design a planner for like mass production, you know this method is definitely the method that I would say for the most part when people are making these hardbound planners like this is the general method that they’re using.

Obviously, when you mass-produce something they’re, going to be using like super professional, binding machines and things like that, but this process is definitely something that is easy enough for anyone to do.

It does take a little bit of time and patience, but it’s, not something that’s overwhelming or hard, and I really don’t think it takes that much time honestly and you’ll, be able To see that it really is a pretty a pretty simple and quick process and pretty logical as well.

So if you are interested in spiral down planners, you want to make your own. Let’s, go ahead and jump in and I will show you guys how to make a spiral-bound planner. So the first thing you need to do when you get started with this project is take a piece of 12 by 12 chipboard and cut it down to the dimensions of your front and back cover for this project.

My front and back cover were six and a half inches by eight and a half inches and, as you can see here, I’m working with a piece of medium weight chipboard and I’m just using a straight edge and an Exacto knife to just cut through, so I get a nice straight clean line, so I just go over like the same line over and over again until the board is cut all the way through.

Next I went over to my computer and printed out my designs for the front and back cover. I printed out these designs onto full sheet sticker label paper and I’ll, make sure to link down below the exact high quality sticker paper.

I used, and this worked out beautifully to create my custom front and back cover to go over the chipboard. Once the front and back cover were printed out onto the sticker paper, I made sure to trim the excess sticker away.

So just the design was left on the sticker paper. The design that I did print out was actually a half of an inch, bigger width, wise and height wise, then my front and back cover just to make sure that I had a little bit of overage for the design.

Then I carefully peel the backing off of the sticker, so that I could then place the chipboard cover or back cover into the center of the sticker. As you may be, able to tell the chipboard that I’m. Using is brown on one side and white on the other, so I made sure that the brown side was facing the sticker so that the white side was showing next.

I went ahead and cut the excess off of each corner of the sticker and began to fold the sticker over onto the inner part of the front cover and back cover. As you can see here, I’m, just pushing it down with my fingers and making sure I ‘

Ve got a nice clean seal and of course, I repeated the process for the other cover as well. Once the covers were complete. I sealed them with some Mod Podge, as you can see here now. Mod Podge is not the only way that you can seal your covers.

In fact it’s, probably not even the best way to do it. You could probably use an aerosol, but I just really like modge podge, so that’s. What I use it’s, something unfamiliar with so, if you like, Mod Podge use Mod Podge or if you would like to use an aerosol sealant, you can absolutely use that as well.

Either of them should work just as well now, while my front and back cover, we’re drying, I went and printed out the inserts that I was using in this planner. I’m using my charmed life 2016 planner, which runs from january of 2016 through December of 2016.

If you’re interested in getting this planner insert, it is a printable planner insert. As you can see, I’m printing. These out, I will go ahead and leave a link down below in the description box. I also made sure to print out a couple of different inserts, namely my project planning inserts and some different calendar views as well that I like to use and want it.

Inside of the planner, obviously, the inserts that you use are going to be personal to you. It’s, whatever you like, and whatever style works for you. But of course I have my own printables that I’ve designed and sell in my shop, so you’re more than welcome to check those out.

If you would like to use those for your own custom spiral planner, while the inserts were printing, I went ahead and also created some folders for the planner. I just used a piece of scrapbook cardstock that I picked up in a beautiful turquoise color, and I marked off the size that I was going to need.

I made this folder so that it would be compatible with the inserts at five-and-a-half inches by eight and a half inches and it’s literally so simple. All you have to do is cut the page to size fold it over on itself and cut out like a area for the folder and then tape it up at the bottom.

As you can see, this is super simple, adjust a very nice lightweight folder to have and act as a divider and extra storage inside of my spiral planner. So once my inserts were done printing again, I pulled out that paper, trimmer and just started cutting them, because these inserts are my a5 equivalent.

They’re half letter pages. All I have to do is slice them right down the middle and of course I do have a cutting guide on my inserts as well. If you’re curious to how you’ll cut them out, there is a guide for where you cut them, so you always make the right cut every time.

So I’m just going through the stack and cutting them up until they’re. All complete – and here is the final stack of inserts ready to be punched and bound into a spiral planner. Now the star of the show here.

That’s, going to make this spiral planner DIY possible. Is this machine the cinch from we are memory keepers and I of course had to purchase the Heidi Swapp version because it was black and white stripes? If you guys know me, you know this is totally my taste, so this is a all-in-one binding machine.

It’s, going to help me to actually punch the holes into my paper. It’s also going to help me to arrange the spiral make sure all the paper is arranged and then finally, it will cinch the spirals in as you can see in the back.

So it’s, a wonderful all-in-one machine and I’ll leave a link down below where you can get one. So first I started out by pinching the covers and you’ll, be able to see the general process for how to punch.

You actually have to punch in a few different stages, depending on the size of the paper that you are cutting. As you can see, I actually had to punch this twice once at the normal setting. Like I’m doing now, and then I have to actually pull the punching guide ruler out and line up my punches and pull out one of the punches in order to make sure that I get the complete punches that I need on my paper.

So I just go through this process. Obviously the front and back covers and then into my inserts until they are all punched and completed now. This is just a general overview of how you will use this machine.

Obviously, you are going to want to consult the manual when you do purchase it yourself, because the way you’ll, actually punch may be different depending on the size of the items that you’re punching.

Keep in mind, I’m punching 1/2 letter paper at this point, so that’s. The process for 1/2 letter paper, as I’m doing it here in my demonstration. Now, once all of the papers have been punched, you have to count the number of holes you have and make sure you cut the right length of wire for your spiral.

Planner then we’re, just going to hook our wire up to the cinch machine. It actually has a little area where it ‘ Ll hold your wire for you, and then we can begin actually inserting all of our inserts into the wire.

So the way that you do this, generally speaking, is you start from the back of the planner and work your way forward and then, once you have all the inserts in you’ll put your front cover and then your back cover at the very Top then you transfer the planner and its contents to the back of the cinch, where you can actually go ahead and cinch down the spiral rings.

Then you flip over the back cover and voila. You have a spiral-bound planner. Then the final little touch I did add at the end, was I took my metal corners attached them to the edges of the planner and hammered them in.

As you can see, I just took a little cloth and covered the corners with the cloth. While I was hammering just to make sure I did damage the corners, but I just did this for the four corners that were exposed on the planner just to give a nice finished.

Look. I really do like the way that this looks when you have the metal corners on a planner okay, so that is how you make your own spiral. Planner, pretty easy right. It wasn’t really that complicated.

Now I do have a full list of all of the items used in this video down below. If you’re looking to buy the supplies, I would definitely suggest purchasing them online from the retailers where I’ve linked just because I know that you’re, going to get like the best possible price.

I know that they do sell a lot of these. You know chipboard the wire rings and even the Heidi Swapp cinch from we are memory keepers. You can buy all of that in stores like Anna Michaels, but you were generally going to pay more for it, retail them.

So I definitely saved myself some money by buying online. So I will give you guys all of those links down in the description box as well as links to where you guys can get my charmed life planner 2016 inserts.

If you’re interested in these inserts and the project planning inserts that I used in here, it’ll, also go ahead and link. You guys to the free custom covers that I actually created last DIY planner video.

When I need the DIY disc bound planner, I’ve, made a collection of files that you guys. Could we just download for free off of my shop and you guys, can print them out and customize them and use them as the front and back covers for your own planner? So I hope you guys are really excited and loved this video.

I cannot wait to see if you guys do reproduce this process. I absolutely want to see the planner that you create for yourself. I want to see what your cover and that cover looks like. I want to see what inserts you’re using.

Please take some pictures and share them with me either on Instagram or Twitter atmos trenchcoat. I cannot wait to see what you guys do with this tutorial and, of course this is a really fun really awesome tutorial.

I don’t know if you guys can tell I put a lot of effort into this video because I wanted it to be perfect for you guys. So I would truly appreciate, if you guys would share it in social media, maybe link it in any of the planner groups that you’re in.

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