How To NEVER Run Out Of Niches For Low & No Content!


What’s going on stackers, so in this video I want to share how to never ever run out of ideas when it comes to low and no content books. Now, if you new here, my name is paddy and every other day I like to bring out videos teaching you how to make money with nothing more than your internet connection and your laptop so go hit, subscribe and hit that little bell icon.

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You can also get there by going to printing profits, calm with no G, so never ever running out of ideas. Niches is for low and no content. Books is quite easy if you know what to look for now in this video I’m, going to give you a bunch of ideas that you can go and research to see.

If there’s, demand for that book because remember you don’t just want to be creating books for the hell of it or if you come up with an idea, you don’t just want to go and create That book, what we want to do and how we make sales is find in search terms that people are actually searching for with regards to books and then go and create that.

So in a sense, we’re solving someone’s problem. If someone’s, looking for a unique monkey gift, then we can go, go and create a monkey gift notebook and fill that demand. So, like I said in this video, I’m, going to give you a bun of ideas and a good few different ways to come up with an endless amount of ideas.

So what we’re, going to mainly use is Google. Google is your best friend, so what I’ve already done is pulled up all of these ideas. We’re just going to go through the tabs and I’m going to show you what to actually look for.

So let’s close this one and go on to the first, so the first one is a list of most popular animals. So there’s, hundreds of animals out there, people are looking for gifts within the cat niche. The monkey niece, the dog niche, the bear niche people are looking for literally these types of journals or these types of gifts.

So the easiest way to find all these different animal niches is just type in list of most popular animals. Then you can go on to this one. You can go on to this one, so a hundred most influential animals in the world.

So what you could do, after typing, in list of most popular animals, is go through and build out a spreadsheet with all these different types of animals and then do a little bit of research a little bit later on to see if there’s Actual demand for that niche, but that’s.

The first one animals who would have thought hey that people are looking for journals and gifts within the animal niche and, as you know, there’s, going to be hundreds of different types of animals. Now the next one is sports, so list of most popular sports people are looking for gifts and journals.

Notebooks with tennis volleyball table tennis, basketball, baseball. These are all different types of niches that you can create unique novelty journals and notebooks around again. You just have to put into research first before you create create the books.

So for an example, let’s. Take volleyball! So let’s, go over to Amazon and in volleyball. So, as you can see right here, volleyball gifts people are looking for volleyball gifts. So if we click on this, if you create a volleyball notebook or a journal and target these keywords, then every time someone searched for a volleyball gift, they’re.

More than likely going to come across your notebook or your journal and if they like the look of it, they’re, going to buy it for their friend or relative. So it has to look good as well, but if we go down we can see so there’s.

None on the first page. This might be. Oh there we go so look a volleyball coloring book there’s, a good example there and look at the BSR 29 thousandths place. So this sells you could do a volleyball coloring book journal, notebook, composition, book, so many different ideas.

But again you have to do the research first. So if you go and type in list of most popular sports build out a spreadsheet of all these different sports then go and do the research to actually see if people are searching for it.

And if we do that, we can see volleyball gifts for teen girls, girls, team, coach, women right here is a bunch of different ideas that you can create your books around just within the volleyball niche, so that’s.

The second one, a list of most popular sports and there’s, going to be so many different types out there. So the third one list of most popular food. There’s, people out there, looking for tea gifts, coffee gifts and so many others again.

You have to put in that research first to see if people or see if that’s actually in demand, then the fourth one. If that’s going to load is list of most popular jobs. Now me personally, I’ve recently done this.

I was doing this the beginning of the week and I already have around 200 different job titles which people are searching for on Amazon and looking for gifts. So I now have around 200 job titles that I can turn into books.

Now, if you’re part of the LCB volt over the next couple of weeks, I am going to create a video on that and give you the whole list of around 200 job titles. But this is a great one. So just come over to google and type in list of most popular jobs.

Then you can find all these different types of jobs. Do the research over on Amazon to see if people are actually searching for gifts or journals or notebooks and create books to fill that demand so right away? Let’s, take a waitress, so let’s see if they is wait.

Triss is that spelt right, yep gifts, so look waitress, waitress gifts for women funny, so people are actually searching for waitress gifts, so you could go and create a really nice, unique good-looking notebook journal target these keywords and sell it as a gift idea.

So the popular jobs is a real great one. If you’ve gone through to Google, do your research, you can find so many job titles. Just within this niche, like I said, I’ve, actually got 200 now, which I’m in the process of creating books for then so that’s, the fourth one.

So if we go over to the fifth one list of most popular plants, so you can go through here all these different types of plants do the research over on Amazon and see if there’s demand. So what have we covered? We’ve covered quite a lot.

We’ve covered animals sports job titles, though dude plants there’s, so many different types of ideas out there, even just to create notebooks and journals. Now, with all the job titles there’s, going to be one like accountants, so, instead of doing an accountant notebook, you could do an accountant logbook there’s, so many different ideas.

So when I hear people saying that Amazon is saturated or KDP is saturated, I have to strongly disagree just because the vast amount of niches that are out there that you can create books around now, if you actually go ahead, take action on this video on all These different niches, which I just shared here within this video, then this is going to give you hundreds, probably thousands of ideas, thousands of niches that you can create books around and it’s, going to keep you going for absolutely months, because why? Just shared is an endless idea of niches just go and do the research find all these find all these niches for food sports and all these others build out that huge list within a spreadsheet then just do that little bit of research on Amazon to see if There’s actual demand and then just go and create those books.

So I hope you enjoyed the video. If you did don’t forget to give me a thumbs up, also go hit, subscribe and hit that little Bell icon. So you can be notified for any further videos. That being said, I’ve been paddy.

This been stacking profit and I ‘ Ll, see you again soon.


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