Low Content Book Tips – Finding Niches Using Amazon


So this video, I’m gonna talk quickly about finding niches and finding them on Amazon. People are always asking. How do I find a niche? What should I make my books about and really the simplest thing starting out is the simplest thing create notebooks notebooks are the easiest thing to learn how to create? I strongly recommend if you ‘

Ve, never made a book on KDP before and literally never made a book before. Don’t make your life hard and miserable make a six by nine lined notebook with margins around the edge that you don’t have to deal with learning.

What bleed is, if you don’t know what bleed is, then you shouldn’t be making books that have bleed, because it will really make your life hell so make six by nine, the first dozen or so to a hundred bucks Makes six by nine blind, notebooks and don & # 39? T worry about trying to do all kinds of complicated planners and all kinds of other stuff just make those notebooks, and once you’ve researched doing those six by nine lined notebooks, then you ‘

Ll know how to research create covers upload. Do keywords and then you can move to the next phase of adding more complicated types of interiors to your book. So how do we find something to make what’s? The best thing to do so? I let’s just start with Amazon.

Since we’re going to be creating books for Amazon, it makes sense that that’s, where we would start now, when I do my research, if you’ve seen any of my videos in the past and you’ve seen other people’s, research, videos – you may have seen these tools, but if you’re new and just starting out, then the three tools that most people use are called when we type in the word notebook you’ll see that you have what’s called Amazon suggestion, and just this part here, if you don’t this tool called AMG autosuggest, then he would only get this white box here and you wouldn’t, get Any of this other stuff, so the three tools that I highly recommend are a MZ autosuggest.

So you just go to Google type in a MZ autosuggest. It’s, a Chrome extension. Now, if you don’t use Chrome, I don’t know what to tell you most of us use. Chrome chrome is one of the best browsers to use these extensions.

Don’t work on Firefox. They don’t work on any of those other browsers. So if you don’t use chrome, you’re kind of gonna have to decide if you’re going to use Google products or not because these are all Chrome extensions.

So I’m sorry. This is the AMG autosuggest expander you’ll, just type that in the other one is the DS, Amazon, quick view and um. When you’re looking at books underneath the books you see when I hover over, I get all of this information, the product details and this information here.

If I didn’t have this turned on, then I would have to click each book to get this information, so this information is all very important. This information, that’s done in this grey box right down here, wouldn’t show up.

If I had this turned off, so it’s, telling me what it’s ranked. Is it’s? Telling me what its ranking in what subcategory it’s ranking in so this is a it’s ranked in office products, and then it’s, sub ranking in subject notebooks, and I have the paid version of DS, Amazon, Quick view, so I get the pricing history and I don’t think it cost very much.

I think it costs like ten dollars or something like that, but this gray box, wouldn’t, show up. If I didn’t, have it turned on so you you would have to right-click and open these books one by one, so that’s, why this is called a quick view, so you just go to Google type in DS, Amazon, quick View and you’ll, go to the extension page and I’m an incognito, so you just need to it will say, install on Chrome.

Obviously I have it installed. You just would click the green button that’s here and you would install it. It will show up on your toolbar and then the same goes for a tool called keywords everywhere.

Now keywords everywhere is no longer a free tool. It is a tool that’s paid, but it’s very inexpensive. You get hundreds of thousand credits for just ten dollars and that will last you like literally forever make sure.

Once you have it, you can toggle it on and off. I use it all the time and I still have four hundred and ninety nine thousand. So I think when I first got it, you could get five hundred credits a long time ago.

So so I have credits probably for the rest of my life, and I just turn it off. When I’m, not researching, so you can decide if you want to get the hundred credits and you’ll, see in a minute why it can be a value for you in your research.

The other thing to know is, I am in incognito mode. The reason why we want to search in incognito mode on Amazon is because Amazon, as an algorithm, gives you the results based upon your research history.

So when I’m, not logged in it does know where I am. It does know what state I’m in, but it’s not going to return results based upon prior research that I’ve done in the past, so that’s. Why it’s important to search in incognito when you get your for them, for these tools to show up in incognito, you’ll just go to manage extensions, and another window will open up once you have it installed.

You’ll, do this on your regular version of Chrome, not in incognito, and you’ll scroll down on any of the extensions that you have. This is the amz autosuggest expander and you’ll scroll down, and this will be in this light.

Blue. It’ll, be toggled off or sorry. It’ll, be great like this, and you need to click on it to toggle it on, and it will turn blue so allow it incognito, and I’m in my regular Chrome browser and then once you click on incognito, then it Will show in your incognito window and you’ll know that you’re in incognito, because it will be black.

How do you get to incognito in chrome? If you’re, not familiar, then you, when you’re in chrome, there’s, these three buttons right up here. You click on them and you just go new incognito window and an incognito window will pop up and it will be black again and it will have this little icon on it.

So you know that you’re in incognito, so that said, I have all my tools turned on. I have my key words everywhere turned on. I have my DSM azan quick view. Now again I have the paid version. The free version is blue color and the paid version is orange.

So you don’t need to have the paid version like I said. I think it cost ten dollars or something like that. It’s, not very expensive, but for books. It’s, really not that necessary if you were doing FBA and selling other products, knowing all the pricing and everything like that can come in handy.

So you can decide if you want to pay for that. It does give you the pricing history, so that’s kind of fun to look at so when I have the keywords everywhere, it gives me the Google search now that’s important to understand this is not Amazon, research numbers.

This is Google search numbers, but it can be helpful to sort of know a little bit about whether people are searching for it. But it is also important to understand that. Sometimes, when you have zero volume, that just means that people aren’t searching for that word on Google, but it doesn’t mean that they’re, not searching for that word on Amazon, because Google is a research engine.

People are researching and asking different questions, whereas on Amazon people are typing in buying words, and so they’re typing in different types of search phrases which may or may not show up in Google.

And so sometimes you get zero volume, but that doesn’t mean that it’s, a bad niche. So let’s type in panda notebook, for instance, all right. Obviously I’m picking something very random. We wanted to talk about research.

We know that pandas are kind of popular. You’ve heard about pandas, so you can just literally pick anything you want to start out with and we’re just going to pick the word notebook all right, so we’re just going to start with notebook.

It makes it super simple because it’s. The simplest thing for us to make is a notebook, so you can type in banana. You can type in artichoke, you can type in llama. You can type in horse dog cat anything that’s on your desk.

You could type in and start researching whether it’s, a valuable niche now panda notebook. We will take a look at that and we see panda notebook panda notebook. Blank that means it just has blank pages inside now you can’t, do just purely blank pages on KDP.

You have to have some little decoration on the page itself like a little swoosh or little anything on the page, because you can ‘ T have more than two or three pages be blank in a row, so you just put something a box on the page to get around it being blank, but we would still call it blank because it doesn’t, have lines or anything else going On college-ruled small, so we’re talking about creating six by nine notebooks and there’s.

Also, five by eight we obviously can’t. Do it with pencils, because we can’t really make those bundles for girls for kids, notebooks and journals. Red panda is a brand, so but red pandas also are our type of panda.

But in this case it’s a brand and then panda notebooks for girls and a panda notebook, so panda notebooks for girls seems to be super popular. So let’s. Take a look at that and see what we get back. So a panda notebook for girls, it’s, just sort of thinking about populating the keyword information.

Now we are in the all category on Amazon and we’re, going to make some changes here, because we know that we don’t want to compete with books like this see. This has a latch on it with a key and a lock, and this is a bundle of books and we can’t compete against those kinds of books right now.

This is an independently published book, so that’s, a that means. It’s, a KDP book alright, so that’s, a good one to look at so the way that we we start off on this page and all we also want to see it says zero, all right.

So that means people don’t search for panda notebooks on Google. Now. Why is that? Because, probably panda notebook, isn’t a type of question that people are looking for. An answer for on Google, so it doesn’t mean that zero makes it a bad niche.

It just means that people search on google for it, but I can guarantee that people definitely search on Amazon for it and how can we tell we can look at these? These are called the bestseller ranks all right.

Now these bestseller ranks they change. When you look at this, whenever you’re looking at this video, these numbers will be very different, and the books that are on this page will probably be very different because BSR on Amazon bestseller rank changes every hour of every day of every day Of the year, so these numbers are very volatile and the books that are at the top mean that this book sold recently compared to the other books that are on the page.

So sometimes you might want to wonder this book says 43,000 well. Why is it down here when this book is higher? It just means that this book sold more recently, so it might have sold today, and this book might have sold an hour ago or two hours ago or three days ago.

So this book, at the top of the page, just sold more recently in its history on Amazon, so that’s, really, why you see a wide diversity of numbers on the page and we can look down and we can see that, even though this Isn’t searched on Google at all.

It definitely is a hot selling book that’s, not a book. It’s, a hot selling item on Amazon, so the next step that we want to do again. We just picked a random topic. Put anything in there, any animal that you want to look at any sports.

We could do golf, we could do basketball, we could do anything we want and then, when you have that research, Amazon expander, you start typing in you put your your seed keyword there you have notebook, then you put in a type of notebook and then once we Start looking there, then the Amazon expander gives us ideas, and then we start searching from there all right.

So if we put in banana notebook right, like I said, any random thing – dog cats banana German Shepherd again banana notebook, if we type in sometimes you have to get it going there just to get the amz it’s populating the page.

So let’s, see if we can get that all right there we go banana notebook, so there isn’t a ton that’s, odd banana notebook for girls. You’d! Think that there would be so that tells me that this is kind of an interesting narrow niche, and I don’t know why it’s, not giving me more.

There’s, banana notebook, huh, interesting, okay, so notebook. So we have banana notebook. We know that it gets 30 searches on Google there’s over 6,000 of them on Amazon. This is our competition numbers right here.

Okay, you’re gonna see that at the top – and we can look here and scroll down now. This is ranked not found that doesn’t that’s, not good. This is not a very good niche. You noticed when I’ve typed in panda.

I had all those books when I type in banana. I don’t, have a ton of books and the very first book that’s here, doesn’t even have a rank, and these ranks are kind of high. These BS RS are high. I like to find books that have a predominance of at least 500,000 and below the lower the number the better the BS are.

So the number one book on Amazon sells the most and the one that has 6 million, or this one 1 million doesn’t, sell a ton, all right, 2 million. So on this very front page, I’m. Seeing that there’s, no rank and there’s really super high rank.

It’s, uber competitive six thousand. It searched 30 times a month, so I might make a banana notebook. I might make a banana notebook, but it seems to me that panda notebook – I have a lot more opportunity.

I can make Pinet panda notebooks for girls for kids. I can make them small, so I think making panda notebooks for girls seems to be maybe a little bit of a better opportunity for me now. My search results.

They’re very high, ten thousand, but I wanted you to see that, even though there’s, no Google search here. This is a much better niche than the banana one which, even though it had 30 search results in Google.

This one has far more books and far more books that are ranking in in very nice numbers. So the next phase that I’m going to take, is I’m, going to go here to all, and I’m going to drill down to books and I’m going to click on the spyglass And now I’m, going to start seeing more about my own competition, all right for my KDP people.

So I’m in books. I’m going to go to prime, because now I’m. Getting rid of books that are not offered through Amazon, Prime, so people who are shipping them themselves or any of those kinds of things and then let’s.

See here we go. I want to get rid of out of stock, but I’m gonna show you a shortcut to all of this information here in just a minute, get rid of out of stock, and now I have a couple of things at my disposal.

I don’t know why this keeps showing up here, but because it’s, not a book. I have these books. These are independently published. Now we know that this one isn’t because it has a rubber band around it, but it’s offered with Prime.

So that means that Amazon is shipping it the person printed, it got it printed shipped it to the Amazon warehouse. So they’re spending, money and uh Nover head one of the ways to do this and make it really super simple for yourself is once you drill down into books, you go to this advanced search bar right here.

I’m, going to go pan a notebook for book for girls. I’ll control C or right click and copy go to advanced search. I’m going to type in my keyword here. I’m, going to go type and independently published.

You can see that I searched this a lot, so it it basically just Auto populated, but you’ll – have to type it in the first few times and then eventually it’ll start showing up, because I want to limit my books To just KTP books and I’ll click paperback, just to make sure I don’t need all conditions, because KTP books are always new.

Alright and I’ll go here, click search button, but I want to make sure that this out of stock is unchecked all right. There we go so now. I know all of these books are independently published. That means they’re.

All KTP books, they’re panda notebooks for girls, and I have a lot of competition all right, so I have 10,000 results, but my competitors are doing very well look at these numbers. Now, of course, it’s.

I’m making this video right after Christmas, so a lot of people had good sales, but the books on this page are pretty good most of them. This is a rank not found, but it’s all the way at the bottom of the page, so it wouldn ‘

T move ate me to think that I might be willing to make a panda book, especially for girls. Now I can go pan a notebook and get rid of the girls part. I want to go back to just panda notebooks. Now we see that there’s 20,000 results.

So is it too competitive? Well, it could be. Let’s. See here we go go Pan the notebooks. I want just KTP books all formats now I can go just new and if I do that it should get rid of that out of stock click that one still shows out of stock.

Just means people have unpublished, their books or book or amazon has unpublished their books, and so they’re showing is out of stock and and normally those books are unpublished for a reason. So I really don’t want to use them in my research, so I don ‘

T want this video to go too long, but I did want to show you how we can begin our research. It’s very simple. It’s very basic rewatch, this video. Now, when we’re, looking at panda notebooks by itself, we have three hundred and ninety searches that’s interesting, I don’t know why I didn’t show up before, but it’s.

It’s, fun to look at the types of notebooks that are selling. We have all kinds of different pandas there’s; a composition, notebook it’s, panda with some little white things and some green stuff on it.

Just a little textured thing, with a very simple image, very simple wording, very, very cute, little pandas again with some little squigglies, just a girl who loves pandas so that’s, a phrase that gets used a lot as you do.

Your research, you’ll, see this girl loves pandas very similar to this one up here: nifty: composition, notebooks: this is a different brand, so they must have gotten this paper from some graphic company will talk about graphics in another video, very simple.

This is just a black cover with simple words, but it’s, actually ranking pretty well. So that means it sells a couple of books a month. Even with just this very simple you know, all it is is Ariel on a black cover.

So you don’t have to get too fancy schmancy there’s, a red panda, which is a type of animal and again very just a cute one. Now this is three million it was made in July. You also do want to look at the dates.

This is the date it was published. Alright, so that means you know. People were going back to school and buying these books. This one was done in November, so that means it was selling for Christmas. This was made last year so when we’re looking at these, this was made in May so this has been a consistent seller at a hundred and ten thousand bs are made law the longest ago.

It’s selling constantly. So the things that we’ve learned easy to pick a niche just start with notebook. If you don’t know what you’re, doing type anything in front of the word: notebook dog cat, panda banana.

Anything like that. Add your your make sure you add the three extensions: the MZ expander. The DSM is on quick view and the key words everywhere and I’ll leave links below the video here so that you can see them.

And if you do that, then you’ve already started researching and now you’re a master and then just do these steps over and over and over again, and that is literally what we do to get our business going.

We just research, make books, research, make books, don’t, make books and then research, because that’s. The recipe for not okay, so make sure you research and research. Well, these numbers a 10,000 is kind of high, but you can still see that this book, wasn’t made that long ago, those made this past year and they’re doing well.

These people are making money, they’re selling a couple of books a month, and that really is how low content books work. You’re, going to sell a few books of having a large inventory. You know 300. 400.

500. 600. A thousand books, if you sell a few of those books everyday, if you have a thousand books and you sell one book of each of those thousand – you sold a thousand books. It’s harder to sell a thousand of one book than it is to sell one of a thousand books, so that’s.

Why, though, content books is so gratifying because you’re, just making researching and making books so start off and do some simple research and and give you know, take a hand and jump in dive in and make a simple notebook for yourself and upload.

It to KTP, and then you’ll, be started. You’ll have fun, have a great day, bye, bye,


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