My Favorite Low Content Book Tools


I’m gonna talk today about my favorite tools for my low content, publishing business and as a disclaimer. Again I’m, not gonna discuss every single one. I’ve used, so you might hear these and be like why didn’t.

You say that well, I don’t use every single tool every single week, so I’m. Just gonna discuss the ones. I’m using now if, at most weekly and after I’m done with all the tools I’m gonna have a bonus tip so make sure you stick around so tool number one.

Google Calendar, I absolutely love using Google Calendar to keep track of holidays or niches that I really really really want to pursue. So, for example, Valentine’s Day. I know it’s in February, but if I don’t put it on the calendar and if I have something I want to publish for Valentine’s Day.

I might forget, so you might ask well how far in advance do you put it? I usually put it about two to three months. Just so I get my mind thinking if it comes up and I still have tons of time left, I’ll reset the notification for like two weeks down the road or something like that.

So number two is a free resource. Youtube might seem obvious, but I use it almost every single day for learning or I put on a fun video to distract me. While I’m uploading, so number three is keynote and I use this to create my interiors.

It is the mac version of PowerPoint. If you don’t have a Mac, and if you don’t have the PowerPoint software. You can also use Google slides. I have been in there for a few minutes, but have never published interior on my own.

I just think using those types of software is much easier than Microsoft Word and I’ve yet to learn InDesign. I it’s on my list, but I have yet to learn it number four. Lately I’ve, been using puzzle book mastery to make some of my interiors as well.

That is for the puzzle, books that I’ve been doing number five is Photoshop, and that’s. How I create my covers for my books and then number six is Excel Microsoft Excel. If you don’t have that suite.

I have also used Google sheets. I think it is before either one you choose. I love using it to organize my metadata when I upload all of my products, and I did share a couple weeks ago on Gumroad. I did have that checklist and added in my copy of the spreadsheet that I use when I upload.

So I don’t have that in the link below I just thought of it, but I’ll. Make sure I add it for the review or for the replay viewers. Number seven is publisher rocket. Well, actually, the last four are gonna, be all what I use for keywords.

So I use a combination of publisher rocket, searching on Amazon searching on Google and keywords everywhere. I choose it based on my move and based on how many search results I get so. I still have publisher rocket, but I still just enjoy going into Amazon or Google and just seeing what people are looking for.

So those are. My 10 sources are by 10 tools that I use and a bonus tip, and I am so passionate and I want to drive this home – do not do not go broke to try to afford any of these tools or programs. Even if you’re a beginner or have been in this business for a while, you shouldn’t, buy every single program Under the Sun.

Also, if you’re just starting out and just say, you have $ 100 to spend on your business, don’t spend that $ 400 on publisher rocket. Yes, I’m going to affiliate for that. Yes, I do get a kickback when you buy it, but I don’t want you to buy it if you are low on funds.

Anything like that. So I just wanted to point that out big time. I’m, passionate about using what you have and then spending as you go. If you want to so


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