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Are you publishing no content books on KDP? Are you still using the same tired templates over and over again? If so, let’s change your no content book publishing game. With this simple tutorial in this video, we will show you how to turn your no content book journal interiors for KDP print into stunning publications.

Just a few minutes ago I was sharing some do’s and don’ts. I’m publishing no content books on Amazon and I ‘ Ll include a link to it below hey. Can I get my phone back man yeah sure I’ll trade, you for one of those banana stickers that’s, that’s, cool oops! So dude did you uh? Did you try mine, no content book interior templates, yet yeah man, it was freaking sweet, but did you know that you didn’t just have to use them as line journals, really really well check this out, dude come on okay.

The very first thing you want to do is head over to K, wheeler books comm slash templates in order to work along with me, so we’re gonna go ahead and do that you ‘ Ll need to set up an account, but it’s, essentially free.

You can be able to download this. So we’re just gonna go ahead. I’m gonna hit resume course cuz that’s. Where it’s, gonna be at, and then we’re gonna go into the most popular trim size, which is six by nine.

There’s, choices of no bleed and bleed. No bleed means you have to work within some margins and if you try to deviate outside of those margins with any kind of graphics or even fonts, they’re going to reject it.

However, with bleed you’re, able to kind of play around with things and paint a little bit outside the lines now bear in mind. You can’t, have any of your text outside of the margins, and you ‘ Ll see what I mean here in just a moment, so we’re gonna go ahead and select bleed because we’re gonna have a little bit of fun.

With this, I’m gonna download this. It should be noted that when you use this particular template, you can use it on PowerPoint, Google, slides and even Mac keynote alright. So we’re gonna go ahead and open this file up through PowerPoint make this bigger, and you’re gonna enable editing, so remember how I was telling you about a bleed.

So this is where we’re. Going to be able to do just a little bit more so in the event that you’re, doing a bleed, keep in mind so for this one it’s six by nine. But since we’re, doing a bleed. The interior actually has to be about 0.

125 inches wider in about two five inches taller, so I’ve already worked it all out for you, so you can essentially just use any of this in here. So you’re gonna see right away that it says right panel and then left panel.

Now it says even pages. This is actually even pages. The right panel should be the odd pages, so don’t get thrown off here. So all of our odds, pages are going to be on the right hand, side even numbered pages are going to be, on the left hand, side all right.

So essentially you can go in here and put in the title of your book. So let’s just say, for instance, that a I don’t know a teddy bear workbook. We can change out the font. If we wanted to so let’s say I want to go ahead and we’re gonna use Liberty sands, and if I want to change the size, I can move it up or down.

However, I wish to – and we’re gonna move this on up here now we’re gonna try to keep our text inside this red line right here that’s, our margins, because if we get that text Outside of there KDP is going to send it back to you and tell you.

It won’t work, so, for instance, we go really really really large and we happen to go beyond like, for instance, you could see right here that’s outside of it. We’re gonna have to move it down just a little bit all right when we feel confident about the text and where we have it out.

What we can do is left-click on the panel and then all we have to do is just hit delete all right, so this is probably not the most imaginative one for a teddy bear workbook, so we can always just go through and change it out.

However, we wish for now for the point of this exercise. We’re, just gonna go ahead and leave it, as is all right. Let’s, go into the Left panel again. If we don’t plan on using it, what we can do is left-click on it and then hit delete same thing goes for this and then delete now for some reason it pops up a box here.

All you got to do is left-click on it, delete that so we’re, just gonna kind of scroll on down. If you have copyright pages, you’re gonna put your copy right here. So, for instance, we’ll, say and whatever our disclaimer might end up being here, we can highlight the whole thing by pressing ctrl a and then we can go ahead.

Make this a bit smaller there we go all right, let’s. Go ahead and get rid of that panel, so now we’re cooking on the front burner again we’re gonna go ahead and left-click. On this panel. I’m gonna left click here on the text and we’re gonna delete that, and you see this pops up again, that’s.

Okay, we’re gonna get rid of it and we’re coming down here. This is where I want you to kind of think outside the lines. If you really want to kind of just do the same old, lined interior, that’s, fine, you have this all cut out for you.

It’s perfectly set. In fact, all you’d have to do is: if you want to duplicate it, you can press and click and drag right over top of the line. So you press, ctrl C and then control V and then all you’d have to do is just drag it into place and boom.

You’re all set here. So everything’s, pretty much set on this one. We go boom and if we want to change out name of this say we wanted to move this to the teddy bear, and I wanted to kind of keep that the same text – Liberty, sands, great good size, not too bad.

All right. I’m gonna delete this last line, so it looks a little bit better. All right same thing can go down here. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna grab this text box. We’re gonna hit ctrl C, and we’re gonna come on over here.

Let’s, get rid of this other text box delete it ctrl V and I’m gonna drop it right in place if we want to get it centered, according to the margins, because remember there’s, gonna, Be the crease right here that goes into the actual binding of the book, also known as the gutter.

We’re gonna go ahead and put it right here. So now it’s perfectly centered into the actual page. So next thing we’re gonna do is let ‘ S highlight a couple of these lines, so that way we finish out the rest of our template great now it’s.

All there. We’re gonna go ahead and left click on that and we’re gonna hit backspace all right. So now, over the left hand side you’re gonna left, click on the fifth slide and then press your ctrl key and then left click on the 6th slide.

Now we’ve got those two highlighted here. You can see. We’re gonna hit ctrl-c ctrl-v, and we can do this til the cows come home. Look at this. We need to at least have 24 in order for KTP or most other platforms to take this in the event that we want to use.

This, what we’re gonna do is come on over here. The very first thing I want you to kind of remember is always save as your project, so say. For instance, this is going to be my teddy bear all right. I’ve, got it saved here as the PowerPoint presentation.

I always recommend that you keep it back up and don’t get it to where you’re, wiping out the template. Is you’re gonna use this template again sometime in the near future, so we’re gonna hit, save awesome.

Now let’s, see about exporting it as an actual PDF file. So what we’ll do is hit, save as click the drop-down and select PDF hit, save and what it’s. Gon na do. Is it’s gonna save it there? Okay? So what if we really want to kind of spice things up, because what, if you’re tired of the same old lying journal, Interiors? Well, we can actually use these interiors for so much more.

So I’m gonna go ahead and close this out, and I’m, going to open up the actual file that we had you the template. Hence why we did a save as will hit file and then open and then find the file that we’d used excellent, so we’re starting from scratch again, so we can go through the whole process.

Again you just going to go through, do your title page so on and so forth. Okay! So once you come down to these other pages here, when you start at five and six, I want you to kind of think of these as your template.

So if you want to keep the lines, your obvious going to want to copy and paste them so do the same thing as what we did before. We’ll left-click on the fifth slide and then press ctrl or the command key for Mac and left-click on the sixth slide.

So they’re. Put together, we’re gonna hit ctrl-c ctrl-v. So if we want to keep holding on to these, we’re gonna hold onto them right there. Like this, I’m gonna come back up to the fifth slide. We’re gonna select that and let’s just say.

For instance, we want a few lines, but we don’t want too many. So let’s, go ahead, and we’re gonna highlight this and highlight the ones that we don’t want. You have to highlight all the way across. We’re gonna hit delete and it’ll.

Remove that right, there now again kind of like what I had shared when you want to do the title or your header here you can go ahead and change that out and let’s say I want to go ahead and just copy.

This ctrl C, and we’ll, come on down here and switch this out over here control V, we’re gonna keep it right in the margins, see how we did that all right, let’s just pretend like For instance, that we just want to keep these lines here on the next page, maybe part way down.

We’re gonna go ahead and slip some stuff in here, and we’re gonna kind of play around with it. You can feel free to paint outside the lines, but one of the areas I just want to kind of show you and it’s really neat.

You can access it from home page, but I typically go into insert or even go into design. If I want to play around with some stuff, though inserts, where we’re gonna play with today, I’m gonna go into shapes.

So, for instance, we can grab a box and let’s just go ahead and we’re gonna click and drag that box down here. You notice the guides start to pop up and it shows us nice there. We go all right now. I’m on shape format.

You’ll notice that up there and keep in mind that as long as it’s, not text, we can literally take this box and put it all the way off. If we wanted to all right now, let’s. Just pretend, for instance, that I don’t want to have this particular color.

Maybe I just want to have it slightly gray or something like that, so what we’ll do is hit shape, fill and I’m gonna go ahead and choose that gray coloring. If I wanted to. If you choose coloring – and you end up printing and black and white, that’s, okay, because they’ll automatically switch it over to grayscale, just fair warning.

If you’re using some rather saturated colors, they typically come out being very dark when they go to grayscale all right. So I ‘ Ve got my box here and we’re ready to rock and roll. I wouldn’t kind of glossed over this real quick, but you have the shape outline.

You can always get rid of the outline. If you don’t want it or if you want to have a very thick outline, you can always do it like that. I’m gonna go without the outline. I had control Z. All right next thing is now: let’s, go back into insert.

We’re gonna use the text box, and I’m. Just gonna go ahead and we’re gonna click and drag it on down. So let’s just say, for instance, now you can use whatever you want to in here. This is just some random stuff.

I’m coming with off the top of my head, so whatever your workbook might be. You can always just play around with that. So we’re, just gonna kind of just click and we’re gonna drag. It right into place.

I want to stay in theme with this particular font here, so I’m. Actually gonna go back over, and so we ‘ Ve got this right here to where someone can kind of fill this in it’s kind of choose-your-own-adventure.

If you will let’s, go back up into the odd-numbered page and let’s play around right here for just a moment, so we’re gonna leave the other ones up top. I’m gonna highlight these ones on the bottom. Let’s, go ahead and delete it.

I’m gonna insert in something a little bit different. Maybe we can use some icons. Maybe we can even use some smart art, which is pop fun. Actually, you can use word art. We can insert a text box of some sort.

This time we’re. Actually we’re gonna do a table. So what we’re gonna do is I’m gonna click and drop down here and based on the number of cells that I want to use. It’ll fill it on out. So let’s see here.

We’re gonna go on over and great. Now I’m just gonna click and drag this on down into place, and I’m gonna click and drag it. So the fills a little bit more out here, gonna move this down a little bit, and maybe I say well insert it in here a text box days of the week I’m gonna click and drag this on over.

If you can’t quite see that that’s. Okay, we’re gonna move it on over. Here, oh, but I ‘ Ve only got six boxes here in about five boxes down, so that’s, probably one box too many, so that’s, alright, what we’ll end up doing, is this highlight right here and what we can do is Just left click on that and we can just go ahead and remove that there we go, we cut it out of there.

Now let’s say now that I want to insert another column. All we got to do is highlight that column. Right click on it. We’re, going to go ahead, hit, insert columns to the right. We could have done it to the left.

If we’re feeling like it there we go so it’s. Looking pretty good. So far, I’m, probably going to end up making this one black and white. So I don ‘ T want to have anything to do orange color goes let’s.

Click and drag this down just a little bit. First and then let’s go ahead and we’re gonna highlight the whole project. We’re gonna hit table design, and I’m gonna go ahead and just remove the shading.

We’re gonna say no fill, but I want to have some borders on this. So we’re gonna hit all borders, and you notice it pops up here now. If we wanted to make the line thicker, we could do so over here, but I’m, pretty darn happy with this.

Okay, it’s. Looking pretty good now keep in mind, you can always play around with all these different things. You’ve got pictures you can go to like pixabay drop. Some pictures in here you can use any of your own pictures.

Any of your own art there’s, so many different types of shapes you can put graphs in here. So, if say, for instance, I wanted to put a graph at the very top. We can go ahead and have a little bit of fun with that, but that’s, probably not what I’m gonna end up doing, and then we even have some icons that we can kind of drop in here.

So let’s, see if we can find a teddy bear perfect look at that. It’s. A panda bear close enough insert. We’re gonna move him on up here, and we’re gonna make them just a little bit bigger there. We go alrighty now that we have everything, let’s say that we’re.

We’re happy with this. This is a little bit weird, but you can see we can play around with this and spend hours just doing this. So I’m gonna left click on the background and we’re gonna delete that now don’t worry about anything spilling off the page.

As long as it’s, not text, you’re gonna be fine gonna go down to the Left panel here, and I’m gonna delete this now kind of like what we did with the line journal. Interior, what we’re gonna do is left-click on both of these alright and then we’re gonna hit ctrl C.

I’m gonna go ahead and delete these other ones here, because I only keep that as a backup and what we’re gonna do is hit control V on the side here and we’re going to Hit control V until we’re, pretty happy with it.

So let’s, say, for instance, we wanted to do about a hundred pages. We’d, go all the way up to hundred pages. You’ll, see on the left-hand side. How many pages you’re at alrighty. So now that everything’s set.

Remember we don’t want to save it over the template. So we’ll. Go over to file hit, save as alright. I’m gonna go ahead and save that as a PowerPoint presentation, because I can always come back later on for some reason: KDP spits it back to us and says something’s wrong.

We can always come back and troubleshoot that, typically, whenever I’m doing any kind of templates, I would like to test one out before I start using it in other areas. So we ‘ Ve got that set. Now we have to export it over to PDF all right, so I used a different way this time.

As you noticed, and this one’s. Gon na give us the option to go standard, publishing, online and printing or minimum size publishing online. We want to stick with standards so that way it keeps all the quality together here for this.

So I’m gonna hit publish okay. So if we were to go over and actually open up, our teddy bear workbook, we’re gonna head and double click on it. It’s, asking me to open it. There we go and there we go now.

It should be noted that if you’re using some kind of really weird and random font, it may not embed properly. So I actually between takes here, I actually had to switch out my font because it was actually some random font and wouldn’t properly embed.

So if you ever find that your document is blank, you got to go back and probably put a font that can be embedded in the PDF there’s workarounds, but that gets into some nerd level stuff. But I thought I’d.

Go ahead and keep it simple here for you, so what you think man? Oh sorry, I left when I couldn’t, see your screen anymore, but uh yeah, you’re right. These are these diapers, pretty good? Oh, so you want to tell them where to get the templates out, then your thing you can head on over to King wheeler ebooks.

com slash templates and check it out check out our previous mail. I know content books where we discuss some do’s and don’ts. If you want to be successful in this business until next time, I’m Keith wheeler and remember to write break.

I never got my banana sticker. Well, you can answer my question, then I mean: do you publish no content books, uh yeah,


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