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Are you into no content publishing? Did you know that you can create your own puzzle book interior? Well, today, I’m, going to show you how to create four different puzzle book pages in this puzzle book tutorial.

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So you get alert of each and every time I put out a new video one of the biggest trends that’s popped up in regards to no content book. Publishing are puzzle books. Now, if you’re pressed for time and you have some available funds, then you can purchase a puzzle creator software.

If you want to check out my favorite puzzle book maker, you can head on over to my affiliate link at K, wheeler books, comm, slash puzzles and I ‘ Ll also leave a link in the description below, but if you have more time than funds – or maybe you just like the creative control and freedom that comes with creating no content books yourself, then let me show you how to be your own puzzle book maker and The best part is that you can mix and match these puzzle book pages and make activity books for kids or adults.

You’re only limited by your imagination. Now enough talking, let’s get started setting our margins. Now here we are in PowerPoint, and I’m gonna go in and create blank presentation. We’re, going to design slide, size, custom slide size and I’m gonna make these eight-and-a-half by 11.

Just because it’s a normal page size, but you can make these any size you want and sure fit. I’m, a control, a and delete all this interior stuff, because I don’t need it. I’m gonna go to insert and create shape, just go for a square.

It doesn’t matter. I’m going to right click inside it. I’m gonna go to size and position, and I’m gonna make the height 11 inches, and I’m gonna make the width 0.5. So this will go on one of these and then I’ll ctrl C to copy ctrl V to paste it drag and drop it over here control C control.

V. Now this one, I’m, going to go over and change the height to 0.5, and I’m gonna make the width eight-and-a-half, and this will be for my top control C control V. This will be for my bottom. There we go, there are my half inch margins all the way around now, as you can see, I have my gridlines and my guidelines turned on.

I’m, going to go to view and there are the boxes right here. You can turn on your ruler, your guidelines or your gridlines. I like to keep them all on when I’m, doing puzzle book pages, but depending on your needs and your desires and what you like, you can turn those on or off tic-tac-toe.

So I’m going to insert I’m, go to the table now. Most tic-tac-toe boards are 3×3, which is exactly what we’re gonna do, but I’m gonna make this table five by five and you’ll, see why in a second, do it five by five? I’m gonna hold my shift.

I’m gonna go to the three middle cells and then go down three and I’m just going to right click. I’m going over to my borders. Right here and I’m gonna click on inside borders. There we go there’s, my tic-tac-toe board.

Now I’m just going to click inside here control a now. I want to get rid of the shading. You’re, just right. Click inside here go to the shading, the sheep, Phil, no Phil, and there we go. There is my first tic-tac-toe board.

The reason why I did a five by five is so that way. I have a row above a row below a column to the left and a column to the right just so there’s, some spacing between my tic-tac-toe boards. I can just manipulate this to the size I want.

It looks good. No, I’m, just gonna click on it drag it right here I can use my arrow keys to move them exactly in the place that I’d, like no. It’s over just a hair just so it’s. Centered! Here we go now.

I can just ctrl-c ctrl-v just take that one use my arrow keys, flip it right back over now that I have these two and I can just click on this one hold my shift. Key click on the next one control C control V and I’m.

Just gonna drag these put them down here, line them up there. We go control C control. V do the same thing. I’m trying to get eat on a page, so do that and I’ll. Do it one more time and that’s, why the guidelines are really good because it helps you with the spacing and there we go there’s, a tic-tac-toe puzzle page now.

We just need to go through and click on the margins and delete them, and we just click on this control-c control-v and duplicate this page. As many times as I need hangman, we’re going to insert, and the first thing I’m going to want to do is put in some instructions.

Put that right here. I want to be consistent and used the same font type throughout, so we’ll just do Arial black and we ‘ Ll just call this instructions and then we can up the size if we need to put the instructions here.

One of the most important things that you need is obviously we’re gonna need. The hangman stand, go to insert shapes line. I’ll just draw a line, real quick and obviously the length of the line is going to depend great deal on the size of your overall page, so for all five by eight.

Obviously it’s, going to be smaller than if you’re doing an eight and a half by eleven, like we’re doing here right now, we’re, just going to do that and right here. It’ll, tell you the shape height as well as the width which, obviously, in this one, the width is zero.

I want to change the color to black and for now we’ll. Just let’s just round this up to a nice, even let’s, say two and a half two point: five: okay, now there you can go in. I’m, going to insert another shape.

Another line we’re, going to do the base and we’ll, make this blank. That length actually looks good, but it’s not lined up, so we’ll drop it down and we’ll insert another shape line. Do the one that goes across the top make that black? Then we’ll, do one more going down get black! That was probably too long.

So let’s. Make this see if we made this two and a half probably want this to be. Let’s just say: 0.75. Let’s, see how that looks. Okay now you can go to view and zoom. In a little bit let’s, go to 100 %, see how this looks or make sure everything’s connected use, my arrows to fine-tune it.

There we go – and I know some hangman boards have like a little angle right here for brace, so we’ll. Do that? Do that pretty black okay there we go! Let’s zoom back out, and you may find that this is not big enough for your needs and that’s.

Fine, I’m, going to highlight because I want it to be more centered, so I’m just going to select everything I induced my arrows to just move it over. There move it down just a hair again using my guides.

If I need them, okay, so the next thing I need to do is I need to put the letters down here, so someone can cross those off as people guess. So I’m, going to insert a text box put text box here again for consistency.

I want to use the same font that I used for the instructions, so we’ll do Arial black and I’m just going to put my caps lock on and I’m just going to do the letters and Put a space in between them. Okay, now I want to make the center.

So I’m gonna stretch this all the way to the end of the margin there you go and then just make sure it’s. Centered, I’m going to hit center now, if you want them to be a little bigger, we can just click inside here up the font, just a hair.

Let’s just make it see what 24 font looks like. Okay, we could do that, bring this up just a bit again, making sure it’s centered. The last thing to do is draw the area where people are going to put their lines.

You can either do a shape and a line like we did earlier or if you want to make it in a box, you can do a square. Let me show you real quick how to do that. I just clicked on square put it where I want it right.

Click inside I’m gonna put no fill and then want to make the outline black, which it already is, but sometimes it’ll default to blue. So do that and then, if I take off my margins again like I did earlier, you’ll, see the box.

Now, if you don’t like this box, you can always just put your borders back up by hitting ctrl Z and then go in and delete this and replace it with a line and then again want to make that blank. There we go and it’ll, go through again removing all these margins.

There we go now. Obviously I’m gonna have to go in and put the instructions in here. Just like I did with the tic-tac-toe page. I’ll go through and I’ll just copy these pages. As many times as I need car window bingo, I want to go to insert tables and you can make it any size you want.

I like to make it five by five, and I’m just gonna stretch this to the entire size of the canvas. Now I don’t want the shading, so I’m going to go to shading and I’m gonna go to no fill, but I do want borders.

So I’m. Just gonna put all borders the middle one, just like with most bingo, I’m gonna make a free space, so we’re gonna insert text box create a text box. I’m gonna make it Arial black, like we did with the previous page, and I’m just going to put them all caps free.

Maybe we’ll do free space. I love that free space, okay. This is obviously too small. So let’s up the size, a bit. Let’s, make it centered there we go now. If you want to make yours going vertical, you can just use this rotation tool and rotate it.

However, you’d like, but I like it like that, and so now we need to pick things that people will see when they’re on the road. Now, keeping in mind that the user of this activity book could be just driving in the city could be driving in the country could be driving on the highway.

I like to change it up, especially if I’m, doing an activity book for kids. Then I will insert a text box. I’ll. Just put it right here and let’s say a school again. We’re gonna use the same font and I’ll.

Make that centered. Now there’s. Gon na use my arrow key to move it up again. Guidelines are extremely help helpful for that. Okay, so I did school there. I wan na do something a little different in this box.

So what I’ve done is: I’ve gone to and I’ve downloaded some vector images for free, and I’m gonna go to pictures and it lets do bus. I do one of those okay so to do a school bus, so maybe they see a school bus, okay and again, just to spice up even more.

I’m gonna use that rotation tool and I’m just going to give it a little bit of an angle. Again, I can use my arrow keys and move it perfectly, and then this one I’m gonna put more words because I don’t want to type in the font type.

Every time I’m just going to copy this one paste, it drag and drop it over here and then so we did a school. What else someone like see, I’m at a barn. Maybe they saw a barn okay again it’s. Centered over here we’re gonna do another image.

I’m gonna dog, made this hot dog cute little puppy just move it, so it fits in that space about the same size as the bus and again I rotate it. Maybe I’ll rotate. It the other way. This time, and then we’ll click on the word copy-paste we’ll drag that over here.

Maybe something else they saw was library, and these are definitely not lined up. So we’re gonna Center. That and that’s. All you have to do you just pick different items that you think someone might see again you don’t want to make it super easy, but you also don’t want to make it super hard either.

So we’re gonna do one more since I did words picture word picture. I think here we’ll, do a picture and I actually have a tree so chances are they’re gonna see a tree, and I think it’s. This one yeah there we go rotate it a little bit there we go and you duplicate these pages.

You’re gonna want to change things out. You’re gonna want to make it so that way it’s, not the same four on every single page, the items on the bingo chart are gonna change. Some may be the same. Some may be different this way.

If someone’s competing with someone else, they can do it in the same book, but there you have it car window, bingo word square. Now some of you may or may not be familiar with word square. It’s. A game played by two or more players and they have a four by four box.

Each person, alternates yelling out a letter and the players fill in one of the boxes with a letter and the goal is to make as many four-letter words as possible going horizontally. Vertically or diagonally we’re, go to insert text box, draw the text box Arial black, we’re, just gonna do the instructions and then we’ll type, the instructions here.

If you want to get the exact instructions, you can always just google and get the instructions on how to play. But the important thing is to make the puzzle page. We’re gonna insert a table and again it’s.

A four by four, but I’m gonna – do a row above a row below a column to the left and column to the right. So I’m gonna do six by six, then I’m just going to click on the middle ones. One two three four, two three four now I’ve got a borders all borders.

There we go, then I just click in here: ctrl-a get rid of the shading no Phil, and now I’m just gonna drag this up then commit manipulate it to the size. You want now what I actually am going to do. Put it right there for now, but I want to go to view the zoom and I want to go to 100 %, because I want to see exactly what it looks like, depending on the age of the child, that you’re targeting.

You may want to drag it and make it a little bigger and then again I’m just going to control C control V and then just drag this one over. I wouldn’t suggest putting more than two side-by-side. Okay will fit to window.

I’m gonna highlight these ctrl-c ctrl-v. I’m. Probably just gonna do four. I don’t want to make it too overwhelming. Maybe I’ll. Take these to let them down a little bit. There we go. There is our word square.

Obviously I have to put the instructions in or go through and just remove the different margins and then duplicate my page don’t worry. This will not be the last puzzle book tutorial that I do so if there’s, a puzzle book interior that you’d, like to see done that I didn’t show in this video then tell me about it.

In the comments below I read and respond to each and every comment: okay, so now that you know how to create some puzzle book interiors check out this live stream. I did where I talked about selling puzzle books, or you can check out this video that YouTube has queued up for you.

I’ll, see in the next video and remember to write right.


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