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Do you want to know how to merge PDFs? Have you been searching for ways to separate PDF pages? Well, today, I’m, going to show you one of my favorite free self publishing a book tools in this free PDF, editor tutorial.

So, stick around [ Music, ] Yeah, right riders, it’s, Keith wheeler here and if you want to continue to get all the hints tips and tricks on how to make self-publishing easier, then be sure to subscribe to the channel smash that little bell Icon, so you get alerted each and every time I put on a new video, there have been numerous times that I’ve had a PDF file that either want to split, or maybe I want to merge with another one, and perhaps I don’t have the base file that started with whether it’s from a puzzle.

Software system, which is the example I’m, going to use today or it’s, one that I’ve purchased and I just have the PDF. But I don’t have the original file. It started with. Also sometimes I’m working with a book that I’ve uploaded to KDP, and I have the PDF file for it, but I no longer have the base document that I had originally in any way shape or form you can use This online software that I found to split merge and do a whole bunch of other things with a PDF file.

So without any further ado, let me flip the screen around and I’ll. Show you what I’m talking about. Okay, so the first thing we’re at is right: I love PDF com and again this is a free site and you can merge PDFs, split, PDFs, compress them and a lot of other options.

So I suggest, when you have time, just go through and and check this out and see all the different things you can do. But today we’re gonna focus on how to split PDFs and how to combine PDFs. So it is.

I went to the puzzle, creation software that I use and I downloaded three different types of Sudoku puzzles: easy, medium and hard. So here they aren’t here, easy medium and hard. Each of them have two hundred pages of Sudoku, and then there’s.

Fifty pages of the answers, so each one is 250 pages long. So the first thing I want to do is I want to split them up, because I’m. Going to end up combining them all into one giant todoku book with easy, medium and hard, and I want to save all of their solutions for the end of the book.

First, I’m gonna do is select PDF file. I’m gonna go with the easy, and here it’s, opened up the entire book from page 1 to 250. Now I can split this file up two different ways I can do it in ranges is what I’m gonna do for this particular one, because I know that the first 200 pages are my Sudoku and the last 50 pages are my solutions.

So for the first range I’m, going to go from page one to page two hundred and then I’m, going to add a range and it’ll go from 200 1 to 250 and then I just click Split PDF and then now it’s created the zip file and if I just open it up, I’ll, see that there’s 200 pages easy.

If I click on this, these are all my puzzles and then, if I click on this one, these are all my solutions. So I’m going to extract this, because I’m, going to use these PDFs in a second there. Huh and now I’m gonna go back to the split, and I want to split the medium and the hard.

So let’s just do medium, and I’m gonna show you the how you can extract all, and this actually breaks it down into each individual page. So you can scroll through and see which ones you want. If there’s any you want to deselect you just click on it, you can deselect it and, as you can see, it changes the pages that are going to be extracted.

You can also just go in here and type out. The pages that you want to extract or you can go to extract all pages and then just click, split PDF and over put each page into a separate PDF. This is really helpful if you have specific pages that you want to include, but not all of them from my purposes.

What I want is to go back to the split by range, and I’m gonna do the same thing I did before. Maybe 200 now this is going to be 201 to 250 and then now I’m going to go back in here, and this is that first folder, so I’m gonna make these, so they’re.

Easy to remember which they are so this was the easy one, and then this one I’m gonna extract, and this one was the medium and then finally, the last one I’ll. Just call this one hard and now I’ll – need to show that okay, so now we have the folders that we need.

I’m gonna go over and I’m, going to show you how to merge them. So we’ll, go to merge, PDF again, very simply, select the PDF files, and I want to start with easy and I’m just going to grab both these files.

So I just hit the shift key and just selected them. Both click open and then now I can click Add, go back and I’m gonna grab the mediums lemon. Add I’m gonna grab the hard ones now. Just imagine you can also do this with your own book.

Maybe you have a copyright page that you want to add in here or a title page or a dedication page anything like that. You just go in and add that PDF as well. Now, as you can see the way I’ve, have this currently set up it’s, going the easy sodoku and then the solutions, medium and solutions, the hard ones and solutions that’s, not ideal for the way.

I want my book to be laid out. I want to do all of the Sudoku and then have all the solutions at the end. So all I need to do is just drag and drop, and so I ‘ Ve got easy, medium, hard, easy solutions, medium solutions, hard solutions, and then I select merge PDF, and here we are with the underscore merged PDF you ‘

Ll probably want to rename it to something that’s a little bit clearer, but just to go inside it just so. You can see that did in fact merge it 750 pages, which makes sense, because the three that we had were 250 each since there are 200 pages echh.

If I jump to page 201, I should get to my medium ones. There we go and if I jump to page 401, there starts the hard one puzzle one and then, if I jump to page 601, that should start my easy solutions.

There we go so again. The site is, I love PDF and it’s. Super easy to use and navigate there’s a log in here, but, as you saw, I did everything completely logged out. You don’t even need to bother setting up an account if you don’t want to.

If you’re just going to use it every once in a while feel free to check it out, except I love PDF and it’s, absolutely free speaking of free, whether you’re! Writing your own books, busy composing! The perfect book description or simply emailing a potential manager about carrying your books in their store.

You want to make sure that you’re, making the best impression possible to check out this review, video that I did on grammerly and see if their free service is right for you or you can check out this video.

That YouTube says you’ll absolutely enjoy. I’ll, see in the next video and remember to write right.


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