The Winning Software Combination For Publishing Low Content Books on Amazon KDP?


In this video I’m, going to introduce you to the free software’s that you need to run this publishing business at the end of the video. There is going to be some software. That is not free, but this really takes your business to the next level.

It allows you to download interiors that are customizable, and it also allows you to upload your books much faster it chris moore, upload time in about half, so I would recommend paying for that. Once you once, you feel comfortable with all the other software and you’re ready to go to the next level.

So let’s. Talk about Google slides, Google slides is effectively Microsoft, PowerPoint, but it’s online and it’s cloud-based, so everything is safe instantly and there’s, no real risk of losing files.

If your computer breaks or turns off now with this, you can create interiors there’s, a lot of things you can do to Google slides. I will show you that in future videos, but it’s – a fantastic free tool to get started with this business, so sign up for that.

If you don’t have an account already now we move on to convert, which is the best design tool. This is a tool that I use for every single book. I’ve uploaded. Not personally, I don’t. Have a degree in graphic design, I am NOT a Photoshop God or a king on another software that people use called InDesign.

So I just use canva and keep it really simple. He’s got a lot of features that allow you to create incredible books, so sign up for a free account and convert, because I’m going to show you how to create stunning designs for your book colors.

Now we jump into pixabay, which is a free image resource site on it. The main selling factor about this website is that it’s, royalty free. So every image that you see on here, you can use on your books and not have to worry about having copyright claims that against you.

So let’s search dog, as you can see, with a lot of choice and you can use any of these images on your books. Imagine a cute little dog journal with. Maybe this picture on the front. Tell me that’s, not gonna be an amazing book.

Okay, so pixels is a very similar website. People have just uploaded these. They’re completely free. They’re royalty-free. It’s, a great free tool. I wanted to make you aware of now I’ve got I love PDF.

No, I don’t use this one all too much, but it’s very, very useful, because a lot of PDF and these sort of file conversion sites make you pay a monthly fee. But I love PDF is completely the one I use the most here is merge.

Pds, I’ve got two interiors. I need to merge together there’s, a lot of other tools on here. That may be useful to you. So it’s, always good to know. Now we move into the best of them all, which is tangent templates.

Now the two main selling factors about tangent templates are the fact that it not only allows you to upload books a lot faster. It cuts. My upload time, by about half, but what it also has, is about 50 different free interiors that you can customize by the number of pages and by the size of the book that you want to create.

So you can have these lines, you can have doc grid paper. You could have handwriting paper which is generally sold to children. You can have they think this is music paper and this is graph paper. So it opens up a whole new avenue of books that you can create and once you’ve paid for it, I believe it’s $ 59.

It’s, just a one-time one-time purchase, thus around 50 pounds. It opens up a whole new world view of free interiors. So just take a look at a website. You don’t need to get this software straight away, but once you’re once you feel like you need to take your business to the next level and make things faster and more efficient, then I definitely recommend tangent templates.


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