When Should Authors Use IngramSpark

As an independent or self-published author, why should you use Ingram spark that’s? What I’m, going to share with you in today’s, training hi! My name is Shelly hoods. I’m. An author coach and the owner of author audience Academy comm, and I want a mission to help you reach more people with your message.

It’s time to let your light shine and in this training I’m gonna be talking about why and when you would want to use Ingram spark. So if you followed me for any amount of time or if you’ve read my book self publishing books.

101. You know I’m. A huge fan of create space. I’ve, been using Cree space since I published my first book in 2008 and it has worked beautifully it’s. Super easy to use their support is amazing. You can get them on the phone any time.

I love that, and there’s, no upfront costs. You do now need to provide your own ISBN. If you want to use your own imprint, which I do recommend they do offer a free ISBN. I don’t recommend going that route, but create space is amazing.

I love it, they publish directly to Amazon and you can use their expanded distribution to publish to other places. However, Ingram spark is also a printer that offers print-on-demand services that we can use, and so why would we want to use Ingram spark? Why not just use create space for everything? Well, there have been a few different times.

I personally have used Ingram spark and I want to share with you why the first is for more exposure, so wider distribution and what I mean by wider distribution is that when you publish to Ingram spark, you are put into the Ingram catalog.

This is the catalog that pretty much all bookstores use to order books most bookstores will not order your book or stock. Your book, if you’ve published through create space only, and so this is huge.

If you want to get into bookstores, then you really want to consider using Ingram spark. I did this with my book, broken crayons, dull color. When I published this book I knew I wanted to have wider distribution.

There was potentially opportunities to do book, signings and different things for bookstores, and I just did not want to limit the scope of that book. So what I did was I published my book to Amazon through create space.

I did not choose extant expanded distribution and then I used Ingram spark to publish my book the print book to all the other retailers. What this did was it allowed me to get into the Ingram catalog and it opened the opportunity for book signings getting into bookstores and so many other things that could potentially come not to be honest, I haven’t used that yet, but I didn’t want to limit myself in case the opportunity came in the future.

One thing you will have to do in order to use this option as you will need your own ISBN. Now, Canadians, you have it great because you get free is fans from your country. In the United States, we need to purchase an ISBN from my identifiers, calm and I like to purchase them in bulk, because I know I’m, going to be publishing.

Multiple books – and that way I always have – is PN’s. I can use so I had to have my own ISBN, which I’m. Now, using on create space anyways, you can have the same ISBN that you use for Chris face. You can use it for Ingram spark.

The biggest thing is, you cannot use the expanded distribution on create space. If you use that, then you are eliminated from uploading to Ingram spark, so that’s. Option number one is wider distribution, especially if you want the opportunity to get into bookstores or to do book signings.

The second is, if you want a hardback edition of your book, so Kree space currently does not offer hardback versions of your book, whereas Ingram spark does. I recently published a children’s book full-color and I wanted to have a hardback version that’s, just what’s done typically for children’s books.

So I used in your spark, and I have now a hardback version. This is my hardback version and what I did for this book is, I also did the paperback version. I ordered a print from both create space and Ingram spark to me.

They were a huge difference, so the paperback version I did completely through create space. The hardback version is only through Ingram spark, and so now, if you go to my listing for this book on Amazon, you ‘

Ll, see that it has different versions. As the paperback version, the hardback version, and then you know, if I had an audiobook version, it would have that as well and it has an eBook version so that’s.

The second reason you might want to use Ingram spark is for hardback versions. Now I’ve heard a lot of people say that they think the quality is better for Ingram spark, especially a full-color, or you know the paper quality.

I personally have ordered proofs from both Kree space and in your spark for a variety of my books, and I really haven’t, seen a huge, huge difference personally in the quality. But one thing to keep in mind is ingre.

Spark does have additional options you can choose for paper quality and for different aspects of your book. So the third option is: maybe, if you want a higher quality book now just understand. If you choose these higher quality options on Ingram spark, your profits are going to shrink, for instance, publishing a hardback book on Ingram spark.

I earn very very little when I ‘ Ve tried to price it competitively, so it was really not a great income producer to have the hardback version on Ingram spark, but you know what it was cool and I loved it, and I love having that option available.

So that’s. A really great thing to consider a third option is, if your International, so sometimes for international authors, the royalties, are better on Ingram spark. Now this is something everyone is going to have to research for yourself, so you’ll have to research this for yourself, when I was publishing my children’s book and broken crayons still color.

I was comparing prices between Ingram spark and CreateSpace, and it was interesting you know. Sometimes it was a little bit cheaper running your spark, sometimes a little bit cheaper on crate space. So it just depends on the book.

It depends on the person and especially depends where you’re living because create space is really ideal for us-based authors, but for international authors I recommend checking it out and comparing and seeing what is the better option for you.

Finally, I want to share that many times. Ingram spark will run specials. Currently you have to pay a fee to upload your files. I think it’s like $ 49, for the initial upload of your files, and then you have to pay a fee.

Every time you update your files, unlike create space, where you can just upload and upload an upload, you can proof it upload. It again proof it upload it again as many times as you want for free Ingram spark charges fees, and so you need to know this.

I did not realize that you had to pay every time you uploaded a new file and I got charged for my broken crystal color, the adult version, not realizing it was gonna cost me to upload before I was approving my proof, so that’S a really big difference and it can really add up in a hurry if you are making little changes little tweaks.

If your you need to upload a new file, let’s, say next year: it’s. Gon na cost. You every time to do that and that really eats into your profits. So one thing to keep in mind is that in gross part, does offer coupons occasionally for the initial upload fee, so they ‘

Ll have coupons that will waive that initial $ 49 setup fee. Those come through email, so I recommend getting on their email list if you’re interested in publishing with them, but I have never seen a coupon that waives the fee when you re upload a new file which is an additional 25 dollars.

So that’s, gonna be a fee. You’re gonna have to pay no matter what, and if you have to upload your files and update them. Often it just may not be the best option for you overall in your SPARC is a great option to give you wider distribution, to give you hardback versions of your books, to give you some different quality options and potentially for international authors, I’ve, Been happy with the the books that I’ve published through them.

I will say that the support, in my opinion, the support is much better at create space than it is at Ingram SPARC. They they rave about their support, and they say. Oh everyone says we’re so good. I have not had that experience.

I have had a poor support. Xp customer service experience with Ingram SPARC and it has been very frustrating a few times, but overall it’s, a great company. It’s, a great option to consider in certain circumstances.

However, most of my books, they’re, published and print, or they’re printed through CreateSpace. Only so again, we’re talking about print books here, ebooks are a completely different training, a completely different topic and actually the first, I think, 5 podcast episodes of author audience cover publishing a Kindle book.

So if you’re interested in publishing a Kindle eBook go back to the very beginning, and you’ll, be able to listen to my procrastination, 2 publication training. I hope you found this training helpful all about why you would want to publish on Ingram SPARC if you have questions post them.

Let me know what your questions are and if you’re, an author ideas, Academy member, I have a step-by-step training on how to use Ingram SPARC in the member area in the publish module it’s there for you right now.

If you’re, not an author, I didn’t like how dummy member I invite you to join us. I have recently added back the monthly option, so you can get started for as little as $ 39. A month we’d love to have you join us, get instant access to my ingram spark training, plus all of my training, its all-inclusive you get everything that you need and plus you get a fun active community in our private Facebook group.

So I’d love to serve you inside author audience Academy. You can get started at author audience Academy, comm yeah, my name is Shelly hoods and I ‘ Ll. See you next time. Thank you. So much for listening to this episode of author audience, I would like to invite you to attend one of my free trainings on three proven book writing formulas.

Every nonfiction author needs to know this is a fun and fast way to write a nonfiction book, but also a book that you’re, proud of plus. I will give you two free gifts just for attending no credit card required.

First, you’ll, get my 10 nonfiction book title templates and you’ll, also get my ebook titled, brilliant brainstorming, it’s. A 28-page ebook and both of these bonuses are yours at no charge just for joining us.

For the training you can sign up for my free training by going to Shelly, hits dot-com forward, slash formulas. This training and the two bonuses are free and I would love to help. You write your next non-fiction book.

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